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Condition the hair after perm

by wangfenglin 2 months ago in hair
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Condition the hair after perm

1. Wash your hair with low-temperature water

When choosing shampoo after perm, we must pay attention to it. We must choose shampoo with repairing and nourishing effect. It is best to choose hair conditioner to use with it. In ADDITION, THE WATER TEMPERATURE THAT WASHES A HAIR TO USE ALSO IS NOTS ALLOW TO IGNORE, NOT BE WATER TEMPERATURE IS HIGHER THE BETTER, WITH LOW TEMPERATURE WASH HAIR ABILITY IS MORE CONDUCIVE TO THE CLOSURE OF HAIR SCALE. The water should be slightly warmer than body temperature at the beginning of the wash, but slightly colder than body temperature at the end of the wash. So, traditional way of washing hair is not suitable after perm.

2. Ensure your intake of yellow fruits and green vegetables

If the lack of vitamins also easy to cause hair luster. Vitamin B can promote the growth of the hair, can let the hair present natural luster. And VITAMIN C HAS activating microvascular wall, MAKE the HAIR ABSORBS THE nutritional EFFECT IN BLOOD SMOOTHLY. So it is recommended to eat vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, such as banana, mango, celery, leek, spinach, etc., not only can make the skin more beautiful, but also can restore healthy hair bright.

3. Strengthen and nourish hair

Permed hair has been damaged, not only dry and no luster, lack of moisture and lack of nutrition, so strengthen nourishing is essential. Always use conditioner every time you wash your hair. And once a week deep nourishing hair is also a good way to enhance hair luster. After WASHING THE HAIR, THE ESSENCE IS SMEARED FROM THE root of THE hair to the end of the hair. It is suggested that the essence is smeared three times repeatedly until all the essence is absorbed.

What to eat after perm protect hair

1. Amber lotus seed soup

Condition the hair after perm

Raw materials: lotus seed 300 grams, longan meat 100 grams, sugar, sugar osmanthus each amount.

Method: lotus seeds peel off the hard skin, poke to the heart, soak with warm water, and wash, add water in the casserole, first with a high fire to boil, then change to a small fire to stew about 30 minutes later, take out for use; With a longan meat wrapped in a lotus seed kernel, Sings wrapped in a casserole with rock sugar and the right amount of water boiling, defang floating foam, then switch to a small fire stew to cooked, into sugar osmanthus.

Efficacy: LOTUS SEED CONTAINS protein, starch, phosphorus, iron and other substances, two things match this dish has the role of fitness and anti-aging, often eat black hair, but also make middle-aged and elderly women young, beautiful.

2. Stir-fry green garlic with dried beans

Raw materials: green garlic seedlings 250 grams, 200 grams of dried bean curd, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil each amount.

Method: wash dried bean curd with water and cut into rhomboid slices; Green garlic seedlings to root, to the old leaves, wash the drain, cut; Put vegetable oil in the pot to heat up, put in the green garlic seedling stir-fry until green, put in dried bean curd, refined salt to continue frying, seasoning with monosodium glutamate, can be out of the pot plate into a dish.

Efficacy: Dried bean curd has the effect of beneficial Qi wide, spleen and stomach. Green garlic seedling contains protein, vitamins, amino acids, spicy allicin, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, germinal and inhibition of cancer cells special function. If women can insist on eating garlic seedlings often, they can make their hair black and vigorous, and their bodybuilding effect is extraordinary.

3. Braised chicken with seaweed

Condition the hair after perm

Raw materials: 1 pure chicken (about 1500 grams), 400 grams of kelp water, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamic acid, scallion, ginger, Sichuan pepper, pepper powder, peanut oil, each appropriate amount.

Method: slaughter the chicken, hair, viscera, chop into pieces; Wash the kelp and cut it into diamond pieces; Put water into the pot, put the chicken pieces into the pot, skim the floating foam after the fire boils, add peanut oil, scallion, ginger, Sichuan pepper, pepper, cooking wine, kelp pieces, stew until the chicken is cooked, add salt, MSG, cook until the chicken taste, that is, out of the pot soup bowl.


1, perm should not be excessive

The perm process can lead to excessive frizzy hair after perm, difficult to comb when wet, dry hair when rough, dull texture, dull. Therefore, in addition to pay attention to the quality of perm agent, but also to master the time of perm.

2, the preparation before perm

The HAIR SHOULD BE CLEANED BEFORE IRONING, HARD WATER IS NOT USED AS FAR AS POSSIBLE WHEN RINSING A HAIR, A LOT OF MINERALS ARE CONTAINED IN HARD WATER, CAN MAKE THE HAIR DROP COLOR OR TAKE OFF MAKEUP. Therefore, it is best to choose a shampoo that can wash away mineral deposits before perm. Rinse your hair with soft water. After perm, your hair color will be even, and it will last longer and be more satisfying. After perm hair should choose moist type TO PROTECT HAIR element, in order to avoid hair fLIMsy, break.

3, the frequency of perm

Perm should not be too frequent. Hot ironing frequency can MAKE hair lose oily and moisture, appear all the more dry and lustrous, hair easy coking to fall off, still CAN make scalp upper layer cell necrosis, dandRUff increase, go against the healthy growth of the hair. Cold IRONING AGENT CONTAINS ALKALESCENT STRONGER, OVERUSE NOT ONLY CAN MAKE HAIR CUTIN PROTEIN IS OUT OF SHAPE, RESIST PULL ABILITY IS REDUCED, STILL CAN MAKE THE FAT ACID OF MOIST HAIR PRODUCES SAPONIFICATION, GREASE IS REDUCED, THE HAIR IS WITHERED AND YELLOW.


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