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Best Silk Pillowcases for Healthy Hair

by Kelsey Lange 4 years ago in product review

Say goodbye to broken, brittle bedhead by simply sliding on one of the top silk pillowcases for healthy hair.

Tired of waking up with major bed head? Switching to a silk-based pillowcase is one of the best ways to leave crazy morning hair in the past. Silk is known to prevent hair breakage, which unfortunately often happens while we are tossing and turning. It's smooth and soft, and will not catch static or knotting. Plus, silk will also preserve moisture, which will prevent dry hair, and is much easier to cause split ends.

Thinking of giving this a shot? We have created a list of only the top silk pillowcases for healthy hair. Varying from brand, price, and size, the choice is ultimately up to you. Forgetting having to spend money on hair masks for damaged hair, or even curling irons that won't hurt your hair, when you can save your hair while you sleep!

LilySilk has created one of the top silk pillowcases for healthy hair because of its pure mulberry silk and easy to wash fabric. With hypoallergenic materials, this case is either hand or machine washable with gentle, cold water.

There is a hidden zipper for closure on the side, and is a classic sized case in a terse style. Plus, it's extremely affordable for a pure silk product.

Advertised as being one of the best silk pillowcases for healthy hair right in the name of the product, this case by OOSilk comes in over 10 different colors to match your bedroom. With 100 percent 19momme mulberry silk, the pillowcase is encased in silk with grade 6A quality. As a company, OOSilk hand-picks each fabric selection for top quality.

Both breathable and hypoallergenic, the fabric has amino acids and natural fibers. Your hair will thank you after just one night of using this pillowcase. Plus, you can gift this with their gift packing through Amazon.

As one of the top silk pillowcases on the market, Slip by Slipsilk is one of the most luxurious options for beauty sleep.

Advertised as receiving an "eight-hour beauty treatment every night," this case will prevent aging, any bed head, as well as sleep creases. Coming in 10 different colors, these silk pillowcases will welcome you to sleep every night, with effortlessly soft comfort.

Celestial Silk has created one of the best silk pillowcases for healthy hair solely because it's created with Pure 25 Momme Mulberry Silk, which is great for any type of hair from curly to straight, broken, or frizzy. The case will even help with anti-aging of the skin with its natural materials.

With an easy-to-use side zipper enclosure and hypo-allergenic fabric, what more could you ask for? Plus, there are over 15 colors to choose from, from green to pink to tiffany blue.

Drybar is an extremely trustworthy hair brand, and what better place to buy a pillowcase for healthy hair? This woven silk pillowcase is often sold to extend the lifetime of your blowout or other hair styling. With zero friction, your hair will have zero frizz or breakage.

Plus, it will remain moisturized and soft. Would you ever dare to take a nap before leaving for a date night? This pillowcase makes that possible, even minutes before you have to head out the door.

Forget hair tangles or snags, this 100 percent mulberry silk case cover is the next best thing for damaged hair. As one of the top silk pillowcases for healthy hair, the silk will retain the perfect coolness, is effortlessly lightweight, and is naturally hypoallergenic.

With natural silk and a soft feel, you're never going to go back to fleece or cotton pillowcases after seeing the results on even the most troublesome hair.

One hundred percent pure silk, hypoallergenic, breathable material is your hair's new best friend. With smooth and durable fabric, the case has silk on both sides and has been proven to not only retain hair health, but minimize wrinkles.

Diminish frizziness, as well as avoid any dry and brittle hair, as the pillowcase retains your hair's moisture. Plus, at under $25 for a king sized pillowcase, this pillowcase is a deal you're not going to want to miss.

This is a step-up from your typical silk pillowcases for healthy hair, as it comes with a memory foam pillow. The NIGHT pillow has paired up with TriSilk to create the most comfortable, soft, and gentle pillow for a well-rested night and zero bed head.

Never worry about the wear and tear you're putting on your hair throughout the night with the use of a pillow like this. Even the most restless person will wake with soft, moisturized hair.

Twenty-two millimeter pure mulberry charmeuse silk and 100 percent hypoallergenic materials, this silk pillowcase is perfect for even the driest, frizzy hair. With a smooth and luxurious feel, each night will be better than the last.

Plus, prevent wrinkles with its anti-aging properties. Never worry about looking unkempt and frazzled after waking up with the addition of this case to your pillows!

To complete our list of the top silk pillowcases for healthy hair, we had to mention another low-priced beauty must-have, this one being produced by ZIMASILK. With queen, king, or stand sizes, this case comes in over 10 different colors, all made with 19 momme mulberry silk.

A smooth and breathable pillowcase, this product will prevent hair breakage, knotting, and just overall bedhead. Plus, it guarantees to reduce facial wrinkles and promotes a great night's sleep.

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