Becoming My Project

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A moment I wanted to share

Becoming My Project
My Rainbow Project Side-track!

Hey everybody, I just wanted to share a moment I had the other day, over something that as a teen / child I hated, and as an adult just embraced and enjoyed so much. It’s funny how something like this works, a situation that you hate and only learn to appreciate as an adult because you have the ability to much more easily.... maybe it's just me... we'll see!

Last week I was given an art assignment. It was straight forward we had to create a project that showed the various colours in the colour wheel / light spectrum. Primary, secondary and tertiary.

I had no idea what I wanted to do. Cut and paste from a magazine? Print a collage off the computer? I was putting it off and putting it off until 7pm the night before it was due, as usual.

Then I got thinking, I do hair and makeup. I love it and it is what I have come to define my artistic abilities by. Why not find a way to integrate what I love to do into my assignment? Think out of the box a little.

So, at 7pm the Thursday night before the project was due, I washed my face and began to apply my makeup. That’s right, makeup! I decided I wanted to create a face, my face for my assignment using images I would take of my own rainbow makeup! (easily achieved using @colourpop products)

I finished my makeup and photographed it. I printed out the image I wanted, then began to lay out the tulle material which I was going to paste to my canvas as rainbow hair. As I was laying out the tulle on the board, I thought to myself (with my full face of makeup and crazy amounts of body glitter still on) “I can put this on my head!”

This was my moment. The one I mentioned above. I feel like as a student/ teen doing a project we are limited by our surrounding and abilities because we do not own them completely. Know what I mean?

Like as a 16-year-old, sitting at my dining room table, if I said, “I want to put this on my head.”

I feel like any mom would have been like…

“Seriously?” …

“Don’t make a mess.”

“Finish your homework!”

rather than being like “okay cool yea, lets take some photos of that stuff on your head!

I don’t know, now that I have to #adult on my own, I love those moments where you know that as a younger version of yourself, you would never have gotten away with somethings that you can totally do now. Stupid things; drinking from the OJ container and putting it back (not that I do that, but if I did, I wouldn’t get in trouble for it). Eating candy for breakfast, because I can. Getting up in the middle of the night and like starting a project of some kind because no one is coming downstairs asking “what are you doing up at this hour?”

Anyways, this was one of those moments. It was like 11:00 at night and I’m attaching these strips of tulle to my head to take pictures with and I loved it. I loved that as an adult I was able to just experience the process of the project I was doing and wasn’t only focused on the outcome and final product. I was able to literally become part of the assignment and I really loved exploring it through the mediums that make me happy!

Is it just me? Does anyone else find themselves having these moments? Just like something that stands out to you? Something that that you may have done as a child / teen but finally understanding and truly enjoying now only because you are an adult? I would really love to hear about your experiences like this if you have ever had any!!!

Anyways, thanks for letting me share! Here is a photo if my final assignment as well!

I want to hear your stories like this!!! Please contact me (Instagram) or at [email protected] (email) or comment below right here!!! Follow my IG while you there and check out my other creations!!!

Lori Allison
Lori Allison
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