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Beauty Hacks That the World Tells You to Follow, But You Really Shouldn't

by justalilpeachy 3 years ago in skincare
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Step away from the coconut oil.

The internet is full of thousands of beauty hacks. Nowadays, everyone wants something easy, like apple cider for dull hair, or a yogurt and avocado mask to freshen up the skin. But the internet isn't always right. Some hacks get out of hand and may even be harmful for your face. Here are five beauty hacks that you shouldn't follow even if the internet is yelling at you to do so.

1. Coconut oil as a moisturizer

I know that coconut oil is something that has MANY more benefits than just as a "facial moisturizer." Now don't get me wrong, by all means, coconut oil is great for a bunch of things like for dry hair (my hair superrrrrr dry and i use it!) or for cooking, and I have whole cans of it at my house, but one thing that you shouldn't use it for, is for the face. Unless your face is EXTREMELY dry, and it causes irritation, you should never use it. It clogs pores, making your skin much worse than it originally was (side note: You're beautiful and your skin probably isn't that bad)... girl you way better off without this hack!

2. Applying toothpaste on pimples/acne

There are WAY too many beauty hacks that claim that applying toothpaste on pimples dries them out and gets rid of them, thanks to ingredients like peroxide and baking soda. But since everyone's skin types are different, there is always a chance that the toothpastes leaves your skin more irritated and red afterwards. Another thing to note is that when people brush their teeth all crazy and some toothpaste touches around the mouth, it can cause tiny rashes red bumps. Toothpaste on skin just isn't worth it.

3. Using glue to get of blackheads

Yep. Blackheads are the absolute worst. They can ruin just about everything: your 12th grade graduation, your first date, literally anything that involves people smh...

But glue? Seriously...? Glue is meant for kids to paste googly eyes on their paper turkeys, not to manage something that involves the face. Glue is said to irritate the skin, which is probably that last thing you'd want to deal with.

4. Getting rid of dead cells with lemon or lime juice

Have you ever felt that even a drop of lime/lemon juice makes your mouth all swollen and puckery? That's actually exactly how your face reacts when this extremely acidic liquid is applied to your face. They're extremely harsh on your soft, and gentle skin. It gets worse: If you've applied lemon/lime juice on your face, and you're near the sun, it can cause an extreme chemical reaction a severe blister burn, a huge irritated rash, and even blotches of hyper-pigmentation (when there are patches of skin that may look darker than the rest of the skin). Now that's something you should always keep in mind when handling lemon or lime juice (or any acidic citrus juice) on the face.

5. Using raw egg whites to tighten the skin

This beauty hack was been passed down by generation to generation; your mother or grandmother probably told you about this hack, right? Well this hack has been around for ages, but so has an infectious disease called 'Salmonella.' Go and search it up, my stomach's tingly just thinking about it. Spoiler alert: It affects the intestinal tract. So it causes problems in your stomach, BIG problems.

I hope you found this useful! Trust me, when I found out about this information, I was absolutely shocked, I bet you are too! Share this with friends who use these beauty hacks, you wouldn't want them asking for you to cover their shift at work while they're at home trying to figure out how to get rid of salmonella....yikes!

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