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'Beautiful World of Jeffree Star' - Part 3

by Hannah Elliott about a year ago in celebrities

What is next??

'Beautiful World of Jeffree Star' - Part 3

So unrelated to the actual content, but I wanted to note that it is awful how another one of Jeffree’s dogs, Daddy Star, unfortunately passed away, due to complications from a liver surgery. This would be the second dog lost in five months for Jeffree. I can only imagine just how tough this must be for him, especially when Daddy was only three years old. So, our thoughts are with Jeffree and the rest of the family.

Now onto the Part 3 of this thrilling series.

The start of this episode was great! I loved how Shane came out and talked about how he’s going to change his ways, to feel sorry whenever his old “controversies” come up, but at the same time not let it ruin whatever he is working on. Which is great for Shane, because it’s the same thing that continues to come up. Nothing new.

Shane then moves onto his palette, and he takes full control on the design, coming up with such cool ideas that have never been even attempted in the beauty world. We also got to see the shades, some of which looked stunning. The fact that he nails the colour of some of the shades like Cheetos is amazing, 'cause that’s exactly what it looks like. Some of the colours I was surprised almost to see, as they were something I would not expect from Shane, but that makes it all the better. The palette and mini-palette look like something that is purely from Shane’s mind, and then for Jeffree to put the shades together to make these palettes make sense was amazing to watch. I understand as well that showing the shades was definitely a way to build up the hype around the palette, and for us to want to buy it. But I mean, to their credit, it worked: This palette is one of the most talked-about this year. The whole collection is, really, as it is two of the biggest names on YouTube combining, for one insane collaboration.

Also, it was interesting to see a third-party view into the robbery that Jeffree had, with the concealers. It would be Shane to make a conspiracy theory into his video, how they wonder if both getting attacked in the same day was planned. But, it’s a legit topic because they are not the most well-liked duo in the beauty community currently, mostly Jeffree being the one people don’t like. To get a backstory behind what legit happened in the robbery, and how they wanted to keep it under wraps, was so interesting. Some may think it to be shady that they didn’t tell anyone, but can you blame Jeffree or his team for that? You never want to say that this happened, and could happen again, so it’s insane that Jeffree is ramping up security so much at his facility.

Finding out about all the merch that Shane is coming out with now, and how his new merch store is live now with killer merch, is great. Shane will now get the amount of money he deserves, instead of $4 per shirt, like what he was doing. It is something I will support, knowing that Shane is getting a fair cut from this. Seeing the success of this store, too, yesterday was unbelievable, but not shocking at all.

Can we also talk about how cute it is, that they end this video with Shane and Ryland getting engaged?! Like, how perfect of an ending to such a twisted episode. And, the touching tribute to Diamond and Daddy was a very sweet touch, on Shane’s part.

Stay tuned for Episode 4’s recap .

Hannah Elliott
Hannah Elliott
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