3 Organic Foods That Can Transform Your Complexion and Add These Two Natural Ingredients to Your Diet For Amazing Skin

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Organic Foods That Can Transform Your Complexion and Two Natural Ingredients to Your Diet For Amazing Skin

3 Organic Foods That Can Transform Your Complexion and Add These Two Natural Ingredients to Your Diet For Amazing Skin

Organic beauty isn’t just about applying natural products to your skin. It also means looking after your health using other natural means in order to ensure you look your very best. These three natural ingredients can work wonders and show you exactly what I’m talking about…

Mushrooms – For Anti-Aging

Mushrooms contain vitamin D. Vitamin D has the effect of lengthening what are known as 'telomeres' found on the ends of your cells. These act as 'caps' on either end of the DNA and are there so that we can lose some of the ends of our DNA without it effecting our health. This is why we don't start deteriorating until we reach a certain age and by using vitamin D to lengthen these, we might be able to buy ourselves a little more time on the clock!

Vitamin D is also very important for regulating hormones and can help to ensure that you have the right balance of anabolic hormones to help rebuild and repair the tissues in your body. And we all know the effect that a hormone imbalance can have on skin… remember being a teenager?

Valerian Root – For a Vibrant Complexion

Valerian root is a natural muscle relaxant which is popular as a sleeping aid. There is some evidence to support its effectiveness but the jury is out, so make sure to combine it with the right routine before you turn in for the night.

What does this have to do with your skin? Only pretty much everything! You see, when you sleep is when your body goes about repairing and healing all the damage done during the day which includes any damage to the skin. We all know that we get bags under our eyes when we don't get enough sleep and in the long term this can be even more devastating.

Fish – For Amazing Benefits Across the Board

Want to improve your health in a myriad of ways? Then you need to eat more fish. Fish is not only a fantastic source of lean protein (which is what our skin is made out of as it happens), but it's also the best source of omega 3 fatty acids (oily fish in particular). Whether you go for krill, salmon or tuna doesn't matter – either way you'll get omega 3 which will help to make your skin more supple and flexible by increasing your cell membrane permeability.

Better yet, omega 3 appears to increase production of telomerase – an enzyme that can actually increase the length of your telomeres. This is why researchers have found that those with omega 3 indexes of less than four percent actually age quicker than those with higher scores.

Ingredients to Your Diet For Amazing Skin

Everyone wants to look younger and feel healthier but too often we assume that this is out of our hands. Ageing is about as inevitable as it gets and no matter what we do, there's no turning back the clock.

True though this may be however, the good news is that you don't have to look or feel your age. You can't stop yourself from getting older but you certainly are in control of the way you feel and look as you do it.

And one of the very easiest ways you can manage the way you look as you get older is by changing your diet. That's right: simply by choosing the right foods you can give your body all the nutrients it needs to keep repairing and rejuvenating your skin right into old age. And this can make a remarkable difference.

With the right diet changes you will find that you start to like the person looking back at you from the mirror again and you'll be able to say goodbye to blemishes and wrinkles.

Garlic + Vitamin C – Perfect for Blotchy Skin

The reason that this is so effective, is that garlic and vitamin C can work synergistically together to raise levels of nitric oxide in your body. This is a 'vasodilator' that has the effect of widening the blood vessels (the veins and arteries) to let more blood pass through. This is great for your brain because it means you get more oxygen carried up there and it's fantastic for your muscle recovery if you work out (bodybuilders spend a lot on nitric oxide supplements). For your skin though it's also amazing because it helps to ensure that you have healthy blood-flow to your face. This can help to remove the blotchiness that too many of us suffer with and even out your skin tone while at the same time ensuring your skin gets all the nutrients it needs.

Red Grapes (Or Wine) – Amazing Anti-Ageing

Red wine, like red grapes, contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is one of the most effective antioxidants out there meaning that it can help to remove 'free radicals' from the body that bombard our cells. It's this bombardment of free radicals in the body that normally causes the cell walls to deteriorate over-time and this is one of the processes that causes the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. This also means that resveratrol is protective against cancer.

At the same time, resveratrol also appears to boost the function of the mitochondria – the small energy factories in our cells that provide us with energy to move around. This not only means you have more energy to attack workouts but it also means your cells become more efficient and don't undergo as much damaging oxidation. In other words, the skin cells stay looking healthier!

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