Yes Ma'am: Paula De'Anda & Nivea Dream Team

The Collaboration you have been dying for!

Yes Ma'am: Paula De'Anda & Nivea Dream Team
Nivea in lower left corner and Paula DeAnda in upper right corner,

Yes it's true, Nivea and Paula DeAnda have just confirmed that they would like to work together. Just mid-October of this month, the two ladies of Soul finally confirmed via Instagram that they would be love nothing more than to collaborate with each other, when Nivea was accepting fan Q&A. One of many people finally got the question in that read "Would please collaborate with Paula DeAnda or Jojo, both do R&B".

For many of you who aren't aware, fans have anticipated this collaboration since 2008. Many gossip blogs and sites, most particularly "Treva-yes" a now deleted site had posted a collage of many fans asking for a Nivea-Paula duet. Over the years Paula Has received request from fans asking for the song together, and in September of this month when Paula did a Q&A via live feed, she was asked "Would you ever do a power song with Lil' Mama, Jojo, and Nivea" to which she told her audience "I would love to do that yes". What the lady didn't notice about the comments, is a scheme of what they share in common. Both ladies' former labels Jive Records and Arista Records were all in shared partnership with SONY BMG. Jive Records also held Lil' Mama and Blackground Records had joint deal with Arista Records on behalf of Universal Music Group. In other words, all four of the ladies could have hit the charts with a knockout song thanks to their resources and parent companies.

With Nivea and Paula however, both ladies did something groundbreaking. Paula, with help of Jojo, brought back the popularity in Urban-pop mixing it with R&B. Paula, who is considered the Latina R&B princess started of with her two debut R&B singles, most famously "Doing Too Much." When Paula released "Easy" it resurfaced the dying genre of urban-pop, and she solidified that genre when she made her following hits "Roll the Credits" and "Besos." Nivea broke ground as well and came in hard representing Soul-Pop, being considered the Soul-pop legend alongside Beyonce is a honor enough. nivea broke fashion trends with her colorful and wicked style, and when revisited her R&B side she was able flow in her style with her music. Soul-Pop, being the genre that Madonna and Cher ditched to become the Queens of Pop music, was not strong until Nivea lifted up from the ashes. She was called "The Black Britney Spears", even though Nivea could actually sing and Britney, well we hope she finds Jesus.

Paula even paid tribute to Nivea, when dying strands of her hair the same bright colors Nivea did and one would say they share a lot unique qualities that no one else can incorporate. Funny thing is Paula's "Easy" featured Lil' Wayne, Nivea's ex-fiance and father to her youngest child. In fact when Paula recorded the song in Atlanta, Nivea was in the same studio.

Nivea had re-posted the response to Paula had added it her story with a winky eyed emoji. this lifted fans spirits as both women have projects out. Nivea released her fourth studio album titled "Mirrors" which of course is not too far from the air waves as she went on to promote on various platforms, most famously TV One's daytime talk-show Sister Circle and Vlad TV. You find her Album on all platforms and see her first feature with Goldie Da Don titled "Woody". A strong ballad called "I Was Good" and much more to fall in love with. Paula has released a few projects of her own, a spicy Hindi mix with Waseem Stark and Dub Shakes called "Killn' My Vibe". An album addition with M-Status & Rico Rossi, "I Don't Wanna Wait" and her debut single to her channel in the past twelve years called "Roll It" a holiday special for all those potheads who love some sweet potent. Paula is releasing a new track on the 25th of October titled "Iddi Biddi" something of beauty, poise, and elegance.

Paula and Nivea need to hurry up and get in the studio; Nivea just followed Paula on social media, so they are already one step closer. When these ladies make their song, we can expect nothing but the best, I am sure of it. Of course they will need to go on to perform the song on Wendy Williams, it is only fair to us.

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