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What I've learned by relaunching my Patreon page

by John Marvin Scott 3 months ago in industry

and how being an independent artist takes a lot of work

Taken by Andy Alvarez

Hey everyone, If you're here, you already know that I've relaunched my Patreon page! But that also means that you're wondering what I learned from doing it. So...below are all the things I've learned from relaunching my Patreon page!


This might sound a little "in your face"...but I truly believe this. When I first launched my Patreon page in 2018, I didn't really know a lot about myself as an artist. All I knew was that I had just moved to Vancouver, I was pursuing my dream of being a full-time musician, and I knew that Patreon seemed like the best way to get people to come alongside me and my artistic journey. What I didn't realize is that people don't really want to come with someone that doesn't know who they are!

I had just come out of playing in a couple of different bands (in varying musical styles and genres), and I hadn't even considered how I was going to carve out my own spot in the world of artists and musicians. I was studying music (HARD), and I knew I had to do it. But what I didn't know was how I wanted to do that. I was just expecting people to jump on board with my figuring out what I wanted to do. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!

I've spent the last 3 years considering how the hell I was going to do that, and here we are. I've released albums from 3 different projects, done an unbelievable amount of work in figuring out WHO I AM AS AN ARTIST, and I'm ready to bring my brand to the forefront.


This one is tough. I truly thought that I knew how to do this when I first launched. But the truth is that I didn't have any of my own art to share, and that leads to not having a brand or business to nurture, grow and take care of.

There was a point where I was creating music in my parent's basement ALL THE TIME, but that's all it was. It was just music that I was making, I wasn't doing anything with it. Then comes...2017 (I believe), where I decide I'm going to make music my business! Now, all the music I created earlier is irrelevant to my artistic self at this point, which is a real bummer when I decided I wanted to take my music career to the next step. HOW CAN YOU CREATE A BUSINESS WITH NO PRODUCT?!?!

So I basically just said &@*! it, and decided to try and grow a brand from literally nothing. WELL...what do you think happened?


My brand went nowhere, and my entire life had felt like I was pursuing the wrong thing. I felt like MY ART was the reason that it wasn't working for me. Turns out...that can't be the issue when there was no art to begin with, which leads me to my next point...


I just wasn't ready to actually do it. I had BIG dreams, but I had to take a step back and figure out what the hell I was actually going to bring to the world. When I realized this, it was one of the best moments of my life. Why? Because I finally realized that I was ready to put ALL of the work into making my artistic passion my business.

Whether that's actually creating the art, or learning about digital marketing so I can promote my business more. I was ready to learn ALL of it.

Realize that it is an unbelievable amount of work

This is the thing that is still settling in. I'm working INCREDIBLY hard to put together a business plan, and a content strategy for all of you! This is not easy work, and every single independent artist that you know puts in the work. Treat their artistic business with respect, because there's a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't even know about.

Be willing to change and grow

This is just something that I try to live by, but it's also something that I have to apply directly to my business. I should be able to take a look at the work I'm doing, and narrow down what works and what doesn't. Get rid of the stuff that you didn't have fun doing. This might be the most important thing yet.

All in all...

The main thing I've learned through this is that life is ever-changing. Life does not stay stagnant, and your interests will grow and change just like you. For now, this is my business and who I am.

If you're into what I do, and you like getting music from an independent musician early, you should consider joining my Patreon community. I'd love to have you. ☺️

John Marvin Scott
John Marvin Scott
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