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by TC Best about a year ago in humanity
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Club etc.

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I can’t remember the last time I was in a dimly lit space filled with heavy rhythmic sounds; coupled with deep bass jungle vibes, sweat running off my fingertips, and holding space among a sea of liked minded clubbers. Well, I lied. It was in my twenties. It’s been awhile. Those clubbing moments brought “Love & Happiness”- where friends were family.

The need to hold onto those memories led me down the road asking myself, “‘Do You Remember’ that time at Sky Bar in the Village?” There were so many moments, and so many stories; a lot of them were not about me and “Not About You.” Yet, the drama was real, with hearts being broken, while others caught a cab to someone’s flat for the night. Besides, I wasn’t thinking about time, or bits and ends of conversations I heard before stepping into a cab like; “He Loves Me 2.” No, I wasn’t thinking about any of it. All I wanted to know, was when I was heading back to the club, to hear the newest “Revolution” in sound. And I didn’t care if you weren’t coming with me.

I must admit, I have four favorite DJs: one in New York, two in Montreal, and one in London. And the unifying message to all of them would be “U Got Me UP” and out of my seat to shake all of me - and I am so thankful for those moments. They kept me happy, not you. They made me feel like I was the “Queen of the Night.”

“Hey Hey,” it takes a lot of energy to get a relationship working. I get it. It takes a lot of everything - and I’m not in the mood to put down on paper the relationship checklist for red flag behavior, not tonight. But what I never forgot about clubbing, was how strangers, friends, and lovers brought unified love to a space. And how loved I felt in moving, listening, and feeling the vibrations of sound rippling through, and all around me.

Being part of that “Downtown” tribe, filled with the usual “Street Player” - (who’s name might have been “Mattel” - or not), was part of the late-night club scene. And, talk of the DJ’s “Savage” beats were in full swing to the after party.

Yah! I remember how clubbing made me live in the moment; and I’m grateful for those artistes, who’s sound kept me moving, and feeling great. And while I put you behind me, I’ll be the first to admit - times with you have been “Loco”- “Locura.” But I look to my next chapter with hope, love, and unity. I’ll put my playlist on and shake what God gave me. I’ll chant out loud, “I Got the Juice” and keep on moving towards my Forever who chants in her dreams, “Kiss Me More.”

Two Zero playlist - songs are located on Spotify:

Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochûn) Feat. India (7:49)

Do You Remember - Danny Tenaglia (8:28)

Not About You - (feat. Hadiya George) - KDA ‘Legacy’ Extended Remix Honey Dijon, Hadiya, George, KDA (6:14)

He Loves Me 2 - (Steve Silk Hurley Original 12 Inch - CeCe Peniston, Steve “Silk” Harley) (8:42)

Revolution - Deep in Jersey Extended Mix Harry Romero (5:27)

U Got Me UP - (Danny Tenaglia Club Version) Danae, Danny Tenaglia (8:02)

Queen of the Night - (CJ’s Master Mix) Whitney Houston (6:34)

Hey Hey - DF’s Attention Vocal Mix Dennis Ferrer (7:12)

Downtown - (feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O) Honey Dijon, Annette Bowen, Nikki-O (3:55)

Street Player - Dance Mix Chicago (8:44)

Mattel - Masters At Work (7:58)

Loco - Justin Quiles, Chimbala, Zion & Lennox (3:51)

Locura - Alex Anwandter (3:37)

I Got the Juice - (feat. Pharrell Williams) Janelle Monáe, Pharrell Williams (3:46)

Kiss Me More - (feat. SZA) Deja Cat, SZA (3:28)


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