[TOP 4] Most Viewed K-Pop

Songs of All Time | January 2019 (Week 3)

Week three is here! Another week to see new legends rise and records be smashed! These are the four most viewed KPOP music videos on YouTube as of January 18, 2019. They're basically the "Most Popular K-Pop Music Videos of All Time!" I've excluded dance-practices, live performances, and songs not sung in Korean.

If I have missed any songs that should be on this list, I apologize in advance. Each week I will update this list, so that we can see which songs are rising in popularity, and which are falling out of the public's eye. Thanks for all of your support over the weeks guys. I have so much fun making these videos and charts for you!

You must remember that this video was made on January 18 2019, so of course the views would be different! YouTube updates video views every hour, so if you find a K-Pop song should be on the chart now it's most likely because they gained a lot of views AFTER this video was made. This month includes new milestone of over 620 million views by Black Pink!

Just like last week, the first three positions of the chart belong to PSY. I’m not so sure if PSY has already officially left YG, but nonetheless, the songs still belong to YG. The views are slowly slowing down, but I think that the rest of the songs still won’t be able to catch up to "Gangnam Style," "Gentleman," and "Oppa Is Just My Style" for at least the next five to six months—maybe even more. These three songs continue to be iconic for the K-pop community.

As for Black Pink, we are happy to announce that they have surpassed BTS and are now in fourth position. BTS held this position for the past video charts I created, but in reality they have been in this place for about five or six months—maybe even more. However, Black Pink took fans (and non-fans) by surprised when in June 2018 they released "DDU-DU DDU-D." Fans went crazy and those who hardly listened to the group admitted to have listened to this song more than a few times after its release.

It is impressive to note that they have reached this milestone in less than a year since the release of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU." I think is what impresses people the most. Black Pink managed to not only be the most viewed K-pop MV of 2018, but they were also the fastest group to reach over 500 million views on a music video. Another thing that is appraisable thing is this was the only MV released by the group in the entire 2018 after one year in hiatus the previous year.

To be honest, I think YG has a strategy where he doesn’t give them comebacks in order to build the rave around the girls’ comebacks. Then, we the group finally makes a comeback the attention is only on them. That brings more views and more music show wins since the fans are so happy, and going crazy about their comeback. Do not get me wrong, their songs, up to now, have certainly lived up to the hype. As a matter of fact, I consider myself a big fan of their music.

At least the lyrics that do not say curse words. However, I know that during this week BTS actually remained in the top fourth position. It was not until after I created this video that Black Pink took over said position. So, although I talked about Black Pink accomplishment, I still want to point out that BTS has managed to hold this position for this week. Once again congratulations to all the songs and groups that made it on this chart.

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