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KPOP music videos of all time. Disclaimer: this ranking is based on the views of the following music videos as of August 31, 2020. By the time you read this, view count and position of the music videos may be different. At the moment I am only including official music videos.

1. Gangnam Style by PSY (2012)

This songs keeps staying at the top. It is understandable since the music video has accumulated more than three billion views. It is only a matter of time before it reaches four million. Released back in 2012 it has been holding this position for the last seven years.

2. Gentleman by PSY (2013)

Another song PSY under YG that has been holding down to second place in this chart for about six years. During this video he used Gain of Brown Eyed Girls as his ‘It Girl’. As we remember, Hyuna, former 4Minute member, started this trend for psy’s videos.

3. Ddu-Du Ddu-du by Blackpink (2018)

Ah! One of the best songs by Blackpink. This song was a total hit. Not to mention that the music video is also well done and edited. How to forget Rosè’s red hair which later turned pink. She looked like the little mermaid during this era.

Credits: YG Entertainment

In fourth place just like last week comes BTS with DNA. This song is the first song of BTS to hit over a billion views. It took BTS about four years into their career to hit this milestone. This year BTS are celebrating their seventh year anniversary.

In fifth place, holding on, just like last week, comes BLACKPINK with KILL THIS LOVE. The girls recently celebrated their four year anniversary. And it’s incredible that it took them about a year for a video to reach over one billion and about three years of career to have at least two videos as some of the top 10 most viewed KPOP music videos.

In sixth place comes yet another music video of BLACKPINK called BOOMBAYAH. That’s right! One of their debuting songs is on the top 10 of this chart. Cray how this song was their first released music video, it’s four years old, has close to one billion views, and it’s already on the top 10!

In seventh place comes another song from BTS. Are these groups taking turns or what? This song, featuring Halsey, has accumulated close to one billion views. But it’s still a few hundred million behind BLACKPINK’s BOOMBAYAH.

In eight place comes another song by BLACKPINK, AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST. One of the songs and ultimate favorite song from BLACKPINK. When they released the teaser I didn’t think much of it, but I fell in love since the first time I heard it.

In ninth place is a song that held the third place position for about six years. ‘Oppa is Just my Style’, helped HyunA with her career in the international scene. This song held on into the third place, but this week it comes in ninth place. It has constantly been dropping ranks since BTS and BLACKPINK have been gaining views with every music video they drop. I wonder what place it will hold next week.

BTS finish the top ten chart with their song ‘Fire’. I remember I reacted to this song on my old YouTube channel. Who would have thought it would take this song about three years to reach this place. If you were there when this song was released, you deserve a veterans discounts because many weren’t around to see the boys during this era. Who remembers that crab dance?

In eleventh place comes another song from BTS, ‘Fake Love’. This song is special for a lot of fans because it was one of the first songs that BTS was able to perform for award ceremonies in America. It also blew people away when they found out a lot of the scenes were not green screen, but actual stunts by the members. When they performed, fans were also shocked to see how in sync the members are.

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