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Viewed k-pop music videos of all time

Disclaimer: this list includes the most viewed k-pop music videos of all time as of August 20,2020. It includes the ranking, title of the song, and artist. Little by little I will be including more ranks into the chart. The actions by any of the artist below do not reflect beliefs of SIC. I will also combine views from authorized second party channels that upload the artist videos. I will also be including OSTs (as long as the artist appears in the video. Although maybe further down the line I might add other type of music videos or remove others.

1. Gangnam Style by PSY

This song once again remains as the most viewed k-pop music video of all time for another week. Released eight years ago, this song has managed to stay at the top for at least seven years. Although he is a solo artist, he managed to break records that popular groups didn’t even manage to break at the time of the release of this song. PSY has left YG and started his own company where he has signed big names like Hyuna and Jessi. Although right now he only has solo artists under his label, perhaps once his label is well cemented in the industry, he will debut a group.

2. Gentleman by PSY

Once again PSY stays at the top of the list. This song was released a few months after Gangnam Style. It was obvious they wanted to keep their momentum going and something similar to Gangnam Style was bound to be released. This song received attention just like Gangnam Style, but the hype ran out rather fast, specially in western countries. Although in Korean it received attention and kept the hype a little longer, it never gained the same attention as Gangnam Style. But it still holds strong into the second position.

Another artist under YG hold the third position in this list and it’s slowly catching up to Gentleman. You guessed it! It’s Blackpink! They keep breaking records every time they release a music video. It’s maybe because they hardly release any music videos now a days that fans take advantage when they are promoting to help them be recognized and also prove to YG that Blackpink has a loyal fan base and the fore should release music more often. Blackpink’s song is only a few hundred thousand views from reaching the second most viewed KPOP music video.

Can you guess whi is in the fourth position? That’s right! BTS has managed to get a music video over one billion views on YouTube. This was accomplished with the release of their DNA music video at the end of 2017. This was an amazing year for BTS and it’s incredible how a three year old music video already holds the fourth position. This music video is a few hundred million views behind Blackpink’s music video. It is still hard to tell if this music video will eventually catch up to Blackpink or PSY for that matter, since these music videos keep getting millions of views on a daily basis.

In fifth place comes another song from BLACKPINK. Kill This Love was released a little over a year ago and it already holds a high position.

The sixth position also belongs to a Blackpink song! No doubt that the girls are becoming he queen of views on YouTube!!

In seventh place comes BTS with their song Boy With Luv This song really received a lot of love and broke YouTube records for the time of its release. It helped BTS solidify their success in America.

In eight place is yet another song from Blackpink! Although they have few music videos released (compared to their four year career) they have managed to place several of those music video in the top 10.

Credits: YG Entertainment

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