Top 10 Most Beautiful IZ*ONE Members (Part 2)

Per Era - Updated

Disclaimer: this list is just my opinion and it is just for entertainment purposes.

"La Vie en Rose"

1. Wonyoung

2. Minju

3. Yujin

4. Sakura

5. Hyewon

6. Chaewon

7. Hitomi

8. Chaeyeon

9. Eunbi

10. Yuri

I know I had already created a list that included this song.

"Suki to Iwasetai"

1. Wonyoung

2. Sakura

3. Yuri

4. Minju

5. Nako

6. Yujin

7. Hyewon

8. Eunbi

9. Chaewon

10. Hitomi

I think for the most part the list looks the same.


1. Wonyoung

2. Sakura

3. Minju

4. Hyewon

5. Chaewon

6. Nako

7. Chaeyeon

8. Eunbi

9. Yena

10. Yuri

This music video is very similar to "La Vie en Rose."

"Buenos Aires"

1. Sakura

2. Minju

3. Wonyoung

4. Eunbi

5. Nako

6. Hitomi

7. Yena

8. Yuri

9. Hyewon

10. Chaeyeon

I've been thinking of making a list of k-pop groups that have used Spanish lines in their songs.


1. Sakura

2. Yena

3. Wonyoung

4. Chaewon

5. Minju

6. Yuri

7. Eunbi

8. Nako

9. Yujin

10. Hyewon

Since they had released "Buenos Aires," I thought that they would release a Korean single.

I think that for the most part the rankings stayed the same.

At least for the music videos that were included for the last list.

I tried to include all their current music videos.

I apologize beforehand if I missed any of their official music videos.

I don't think I missed any since they don't have that many music videos anyway.

So, it is easier to track their their music videos since debut.

Soon it will be their first anniversary.

But fans can rest assured since they still have about two more years together as IZ*ONE.

In my opinion, if I.O.I promoted for 10 months, they should have let Wanna One promote for 11 months.

Since Wanna One was a success, they should have let IZ*ONE promote for 12 months.

We all know IZ*ONE has really been successful, so they should have let X1 promote for 13 months.

And so on with each new group that came out of the competition.

It is just my opinion; I don't know much on how to market a k-pop group lol.

I mean this timespan gives them enough time to promote 3-5 times a year.

And also allow them to get back to their companies and get prepped for their debut.

But I guess it is up to Stone Music Entertainment and they probably use some kind of statistic tool to see how successful their group can be and they take full advantage of that.

I also say it because members that are already part of another group have to wait a considerable amount of time before going back and actively promote with their group members.

Anyway, I think that fans will have to wait another month or two before they return with a Korean song.

I think they should hurry though or else they'll be stuck singing "Violeta" over and over again at award ceremonies.

I mean, like last year they sang and sang "La Vie en Rose" and it would be nice to hear a remix of their songs.

But I am sure fans won't care what they sing as long as they get to see them.

Their visuals as a group have also grown up.

Eunbi, Hyewon, Minju, Wonyoung, Sakura, and Hitomi, who are considered the visual line of the group, have had some visual upgrades since their debut.

Since they still got time to promote, I more than likely will end up doing another list.

Credits: Stone Music Entertainment

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