Top 10 Most Beautiful IZ*ONE Members

Per Era

Quick disclaimer: This list does not intend to offend the members or fans.

"La Vie en Rose"

  1. Won-young
  2. Min-ju
  3. Yu-jin
  4. Sakura
  5. Yu-ri
  6. Chae-won
  7. Hye-won
  8. Hitomi
  9. Chae-yeon
  10. Eun-bi

"Suki to Iwasetai"

  1. Won-young
  2. Sakura
  3. Yu-ri
  4. Yena
  5. Nako
  6. Yu-jin
  7. Hye-won
  8. Eun-bi
  9. Chae-won
  10. Hitomi


  1. Won-young
  2. Sakura
  3. Min-ju
  4. Hye-won
  5. Chae-won
  6. Nako
  7. Chae-yeon
  8. Eun-bi
  9. Yena
  10. Yu-ri

"Buenos Aires"

  1. Sakura
  2. Min-ju
  3. Won-young
  4. Eun-bi
  5. Nako
  6. Hitomi
  7. Yena
  8. Yu-ri
  9. Yu-jin
  10. Hye-won

I know that, eventually, the group will disband, and each member will go back to their respective companies.

That is why I wanted to make this list, before they stop making music as a group.

I believe that they will probably be getting ready for their last comeback of the year, set to be released in a couple of days.

To be honest, every time Mnet releases their produced groups, I never really get into them until they are about to disband.

Like, with I.O.I, I didn't even know they were formed from a survival show until one or two months after they had made their debut, with "Dream Girls."

Later, I found out who So-mi was, and about the whole process of how the members were chosen.

I didn't really get into I.O.I until they made their unit comeback, with "Whatta Man."

With Wanna One, it was a similar but different story.

I never really got into their songs, but I still found myself searching for information about the members.

With IZ*ONE, it has also been similar to Wanna One.

When they released their debut song, "La Vie en Rose," I hardly knew anything about their formed group.

The only thing I knew about the group was that it was formed by Korean and Japanese trainees, although, many of the Japanese contestants were already part of current Japanese group, like AKB48.

Overall, I'm still not 100 percent familiar with all the members.

I just mainly know that Sakura had been a very popular member throughout the whole show.

I also recently found out that the center is Won-young.

Also, Eun-bi is very popular among international fans because of her look-a-like, to Red Velvet's Irene.

Honestly, for the longest time, I thought she was the group's visual.

But, after some research, I came to learn that Min-ju is actually considered the visual of the group.

It's the same case with X1. I really don't know who the members are, or where they come from.

However, learning that the group is set to promote together for five years makes me think that I'll probably get to know them at least a little bit more.

Anyway, going back to our main topic, IZ*ONE. Although I still haven't gotten into their music, "La Vie en Rose" is a pretty good song.

When I first heard it, I was head over heels about it. Then, I heard that CLC was supposed to comeback with that song.

I was a little upset about that, since that year, CLC only had one comeback, and "La Vie en Rose" turned out to be a very popular song.

But, overall, it was a song that suited IZ*ONE, and the song fits IZ*ONE's concept very well.

IZ*ONE still has more than a year of active promotions. Something I like about this group is that they promote in both Korean and Japanese.

I feel like they push their Korean comebacks more. However, I understand that, since most of the members are Korean, and the group was formed in Korea.

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