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The Reasons Why The Weeknd is at the Top of His Career

by Ninfa Bi 4 years ago in celebrities / pop culture

The Canadian artist is the favorite among the millennials because of his original and eccentric style.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd (27), real name Abel Tesfaye, burst into the world of music with his eccentric style, which led him to lead all the charts. He won several awards and is a great inspiration for all artists who start in music. Best of all, this just starts.

The Weeknd is Original

The critics define The Weeknd's style as "Rhythm and Blues contemporary." His songs are sad, tragic and somber. Also, his music is difficult to understand, but that is not an obstacle for the fans. Millennials (those born between 1980 and 1995/early 2000s) love The Weeknd's creative complexity. The artist started his musical career uploading songs to YouTube, until a producer discovered it and took him to the commercial circuit. That's how he became the superstar he is today. Currently, the Canadian singer has his own record label, XO, which makes him feel free to do whatever he wants.

A Difficult Past

Tesfaye was born in Toronto in 1990, he is the only child of a couple of Ethiopian immigrants who came to Canada to live better. His parents separated and he stayed with his mother. When he was a teenager, he left high school, went to live with his two friends and began to consume hard drugs. Tesfaye talks about those nefarious experiences in his songs, which makes him a unique artist. It can be said that the musician transformed a painful past into art and that helped him to get ahead. Currently, The Weeknd has a net worth estimated at $85 million. He uses that money to invest in his music, to help his family and to have an excellent standard of living.

A Mysterious Personality

At the beginning of his artistic career, he uploaded songs to YouTube under the pseudonym of 'The Weeknd' to remain anonymous and continue to live a normal life. When the musician became famous, that pseudonym became his official artistic name. Many want to know who this guy really is. That is difficult to know because the singer maintains a low profile, despite having a famous girlfriend (Selena Gomez). The Canadian artist concedes few interviews, where he only talks about his professional life. In fact, The Weeknd talks about himself through his songs, so there are the keys to know him deeply.

A Bright Future

The Weeknd is at top of his career but his artistic projection is even better. Critics assure that he could be the new Michael Jackson, although his style is very different from that of the late musician. The Weeknd is just 27 years old and has a lot of time left in the music world. Everyone hopes that the artist creates a song with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, as that would make the fans of both singers very happy. The pop star is very enthusiastic about the idea, since she admires her boyfriend a lot and it would be an honor for her to sing along with him.

His Good Taste for Women

The Weeknd is known to have had two official relationships: the model Bella Hadid (20) and the pop star Selena Gomez (24). The Canadian musician and Bella were dating for two years and ended their romance on good terms. A month later, he met Selena and they both fell in love. The pop star was struggling with lupus, anxiety and a severe depression. Currently, she is healthy and is very happy with her new job as executive producer of the hit series "13 Reasons Why." Selena hopes to marry The Weeknd some day, since she believes he is the one for her life.


Much of today's music is empty of content. The lyrics of the songs are superficial and say nothing. For worse, some lyrics insult women and refer to them sexually. Although The Weeknd's musical style is difficult to understand, it must be recognized that his tragic songs leave realistic messages. It is noticeable that many people were tired of listening to "empty music", and found in The Weeknd an artist who offers something totally different.

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