The Perfect Workout Playlist

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A boost in your workout

The Perfect Workout Playlist

You've probably noticed that listening to music while playing sports gives you a little extra boost. As Dr. Costas Karageorghis1, Associate Professor of Sport Psychology at Brunel University in the UK, explains, listening to adapted music while playing sports will help you perform better and be more enduring. Rhythm, tempo, musicality and lyrics all impact your mind and distract you from discomfort.

It's scientifically proven: playing sports with music is more effective. Moreover, you can feel it: when you have earphones screwed into your ears, the effort seems easier, you gain in endurance, you don't (almost) feel tired anymore and you become able to swallow kilometers of tarmac without even realizing it. In short, music is both a shock painkiller and an ultra-effective euphoric. A shock cocktail to optimize your sports session! Essential to stay motivated throughout the effort, the sports playlist must be a subtle mix of rhythmic music and softer music, to boost your adrenaline to the maximum and to initiate moments of recovery. Here is mine, which will be your best ally during your next sport sessions.

The sport playlist to warm up

To avoid strains or to avoid brutalizing your muscles at first when you start a sport session, it is essential to go through the warm-up box. Usually these do not exceed 5 minutes and really serve to warm up the muscles to prepare them for the more or less intense effort that follows. To get into the bath, we choose a lively music but not too aggressive either and whose rhythm goes crescendo.

The cardio sports playlist

Running, cycling, swimming, fitness, all these different sports contain cardio and consist of moderate efforts. To stay motivated during a cardio class, the ideal playlist should be composed of rhythmic music but in a fairly constant manner to accompany the heartbeat. Cardiovascular exercise is long-lasting and of moderate intensity to allow you to increase your heart and breathing rates. It is better to have a playlist with rhythmic songs and that is why our playlists have a BPM of more than 110 beats per minute.

The intense sport playlist

In order not to let go or to give yourself a boost during intense efforts such as push-ups, abs or squats, in short, movements that target a part of the body in a muscle-building way, you choose fast paced songs to boost your adrenaline and to destock fat more easily.

The swimming playlist

To please the swimmers. I have therefore concocted a custom-made swimming playlist for you to accompany your swimming sessions with music. Whether you listen to it in the car before going to the pool, in the locker room to prepare yourself mentally, or even during your session using a waterproof mp3 player, my little playlist will definitely help you keep the right rhythm and will allow you to exceed all your goals.

The running playlist

Running to music is always fun, but sometimes not essential :). If you can't do without music, in the sports playlist there was Spotify who released Spotify Running ... but it was stopped : too bad !

They "replaced" Spotify Running with heartbeat playlists for example:

The sports playlist to stretch

At the end of the effort, it is not enough just to stop and catch your breath to end a sports session. To finish it properly, it is imperative to hydrate and stretch for about 5 minutes. During this very important step, we proceed with stretching the whole body (arms, legs, back, shoulders), and deep inhalations and exhalations to oxygenate the muscles, avoid oxidation and therefore avoid aches and pains. To accompany these last minutes, a softer playlist is also provided to help lower the heart rate.

Apart from ready-made playlists, you can also create your own playlist: this is what is recommended for regular practice. This will be the goal to find the songs you like. Now it's your turn.. Have a good session!

Louis choquet
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