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So, You Found Yourself at a Party Full of Vampires

A Spooky Halloween Playlist for When You’re the Only Human at the Party

By sleepy draftsPublished about a year ago 4 min read
So, You Found Yourself at a Party Full of Vampires
Photo by Elti Meshau on Unsplash

October's sweet, sharp breath chills the air as leaves drop to the ground. The sky darkens but the mood brightens: black and orange streamers decorate lawns and plastic fangs hang from laughing mouths. Costumes, both bright and macabre, begin to line the streets.

The fog rolls in, and so do the festivities.

As you venture into Spooky Season, though, be careful.

Sometimes the most terrifying costumes aren't costumes at all.

So allow me to lend you some tips - just in case you find yourself at a party full of vampires.

Step 1: Let The Vampires Welcome You

"Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance

Give a cheer for all the broken

Listen here, because it's who we are...

When you find yourself at a party full of vampires, they will inevitably sing to you. They will, of course, sing "Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance.

Not only does "Welcome To The Black Parade" encapsulate the pain, the fun, the torment of vampirism... humans just can't help but sing along. Therefore, it is only natural that every vampire party begins with an impassioned performance of My Chemical Romance.

You hear that first note on the piano and you just can't stop yourself. You have to belt the rest of the song out - even if you're surrounded by vampires.

When this happens, don't resist. Let your body sigh into the wind, scream out the chorus in full, silly theatrics; dance until you can feel the electricity of autumn's air jolt through your lungs.

Music always sounds so much better when sung with others.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Surroundings

"Cemetery" By AViVA

Meet me here tonight

In the darkness of this moonlit park...

Once you and your new vampire clique have finished singing, you might realize they've led you somewhere strange. Your new friends keep calling it a houseparty but all you see is a cemetery.

Give it a second. Don't be afraid, just yet. Let the vampires talk to you. Most of them have been waiting a long time for just a little conversation. Vampires have a tendency to talk over each other - humans are much better listening companions.

Listen to a vampire long enough, and one might even show you which headstone is theirs.

Step 3: Re-Evaluate Your Humanity

"Why Are You So Cold?" by The Haunt

Why are you so cold

Why are we so cold

Why am I so...

As the hours plunge, so does the temperature. You start to wonder... is it because you're partying at a cemetery in October? Or is that a bite mark on your neck?

You touch your skin just to make sure.

Note: It's natural to be a little disappointed if you discover nothing there.

Emphasis on if...

Step 4: Discover What The Celebration Is For

"R.I.P. 2 My Youth" by The Neighbourhood

R.I.P. to my youth

And you could call this the funeral

With so many vampires, there are a lot of funerals - or, Undead Days. Undead Days are kind of like birthdays. Except not quite.

Every vampire has an Undead Day to celebrate when they became a vampire.

There are more than enough vampires to ensure that every day is someone's Undead Day. Be a gracious guest - find out whose "U-Day" it is and congratulate them on yet another year of nocturnal adventure!

Just make sure they aren't celebrating your first Undead Day.

Unless, of course, you want to.

Step 5: Party Until The Sun Comes Up

"Vampire" by Dominic Fike

I only showed up to tell you

Everyone at this party's a vampire

This ain't red wine...

Vampires might party with humans for any number of reasons. Just because you discover the Halloween party you attended is full of vampires, doesn't mean you're about to become one. You might just be dinner!

Kidding. Ish.

Sometimes, vampires are simply looking for some companionship. What they want most in order to celebrate their past humanity is a warm smile, a listening ear, and a beating heart.

Sometimes even the undead get lonely.

So long as you keep your cool and embrace the night, you should make it out alive.

I know, I did...

The first night, at least.

"Marceline the Vampire" by Steppes

Marceline, sink your teeth into my veins

I wanna feel the way you do

Author's Note:

Thanks for giving my piece a read! I deeply appreciate it and hope this gave you a smile.

To listen to the full playlist on Spotify, check it out here:

Thank you again and happy Halloween!


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