Sluka's 'Colorful Radiation' Is a Treat

If you like David Bowie listen to this

Sluka's 'Colorful Radiation' Is a Treat

Enthralling and visionary are a couple of good words to describe the music and talent of Christopher Sluka. Colorful Radiation isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to releasing an album. He’s done it 11 times. Obviously, someone likes his music or how would he afford to keep putting out so much music?

Me? I really enjoyed listening to this newest effort, and I was really stoked after just listening to the first track. Number One is an amazingly unique track that isn’t just musically pleasing because of the instrumentation, but also because of Sluka’s vocals. He has a voice that demands listening, but in a soft-spoken sort of way. I liken this first song, at least, to the sounds of David Bowie. It’s like listening to alien music that is beyond human comprehension but still enthralls us.

The video for Number One is interesting to watch. As someone that just started learning how to play the ukulele, I got all giddy when the video started with Sluka playing one. The video has a lot going on, even if it only looks like it’s centralized on Sluka himself. Watch the background, be aware of each thing happening on your screen. It’s pretty mesmerizing.

There is sheer beauty in each of these songs. "Virgal" starts with some easy and simple piano work, but it has such a melody that you’re entranced. Sluka’s vocal addition just draws your mind into the music a bit more. I still hear a lot of David Bowie in this song, which will be disbursed throughout the sounds of the album. This is the kind of music that makes musicians forever remembered.

Aside from Bowie, Sluka’s music has been compared to that of Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Radiohead, and even The Beatles. It’s clever and simple, yet intricate and magnificent. It’s music that pulls you into your deepest conscious. From ukulele to the piano, and some stellar Bowie-esque vocals to wonderful whistling, there is so much to listen to in these songs.

Sluka is a visionary at the least, and definitely a "Modern day renaissance man" (according to Vancouver Weekly). His music is expanding the sounds of music, what you feel and think about music, and how you hear and see music. His music is filling a void where once was just bands that all sounded the same and each song of their own sounded the same. There are depth and expanse in the songs that Sluka sings.

According to his bio, he puts on “enthralling live performances.” After having listened to the entirety of Colorful Radiation I believe seeing him live would be some treat. Just watching the video he made for Number One makes you see things differently.

One of the most amazing things I learned about Sluka in the process of reviewing his music (I like to look into people’s background and interests, it’s fun to learn more about other people out there in the world) is that he is a “globally renowned visual artist” and not just a musician. He does surrealistic oil paintings that have been shown in museums all around the world. He does more than the arts as well, from running to flying airplanes.

The entire album, containing 10 songs, is available for sale, and for your listening pleasure, on Bandcamp. You can also visit Sluka’s website in order to learn more about this talented individual that is far more diverse than his life as a musician. This is also the place to find out when he might be playing live in your area and to keep up on his future musical endeavors.

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