Shut Up About Phones at Concerts

by Jaden Bricker 12 months ago in pop culture

I’m Sick of Your Elitist Bull-Crap

Shut Up About Phones at Concerts

Go to any live performance of an artist from thirty years ago or more and you’ll see that one comment. In fact, you’ll see several comments just like this one.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that putting a blanket statement over so many different people with different backgrounds and personalities as stupid. To me, it’s idiotic to make such false claims about people you don’t even know simply because they’re doing something harmless that happens to annoy you. People that comment these things only do it because they want to seem like intellectuals, like they’re better than these people who dared capture a moment they want to remember the rest of their lives. They act like they’re not just as addicted to their technology as everyone else is. You’re on the internet with a username, an avatar, and you’re commenting on a video that was posted seven years ago. Only people who are avid internet users and understand how it works do this. You clearly have no life outside of trying to put other people underneath you.

It also irks me when people say these things as if the people back then were better people, and that they wouldn’t do the same exact thing if they had the technology we have today. The only reason you don’t see a crowd full of polaroids was because you wouldn’t have anywhere to put all pictures. People didn’t wear pockets in the 90s, and an entire arena of the printing sound would be incredibly obnoxious. A camcorder in the 80s wouldn’t go three seconds without giving everyone within a two foot radius a concussion. Now, we have whole computers in our pockets! People in the 20s or 60s would take the same opportunities that we do today if they had iPhones or Androids.

People need to get over the idea that the past was better than the present. News flash, it wasn’t. You were not born in the wrong generation. The 80s or 90s didn’t have the internet, mobile phones, or streaming services that give you the ability to complain about these things to begin with. Instead of Instagram, they had AIDS. Instead of Snapchat, they had segregation. Actually put some thought into whether or not you really want to live in a time where the only video game options were to either go to an arcade to pay money to die each time, or have to play E.T. on your Atari. Every generation abused the crap out of the technology they had. Families would have a separate television in their kitchen so Mom could catch up on Richie Valens gossip while she cooked. It got out of control back then just as much as it has now.

Although I personally don’t like to take my phone out at concerts, I completely understand why people do it. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to take a couple snaps of your favorite artist in person. That’s monumental for a lot of people. Sometimes your brain forgets experiences. All it takes is a simple photo to bring you back to the mindset of when you were going nuts for hours on end, and remind you of how hoarse you were from screaming the whole time. When I saw Guns N Roses with my family, I didn’t take any pictures but my dad took a few. He put one as his desktop for his Mac, and every time I open it I get a rush of euphoria, bringing me back to my seat with the perfect view of Slash on stage. I agree that a phone can take you out of the experience of the concert if you use it excessively, but they serve their own purpose for the experience.

If you let what other people are doing stop you from having fun at a concert, and you sit their being a wet blanket instead of enjoying yourself, then YOU are the one who’s missing out. Do us all a favor, just shut up and enjoy the music.

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