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Showcasing iTunes Chart Toppers to Emerging New Artists

by mysoundMusic 3 years ago in feature · updated 10 months ago
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Welcome to mysoundMusic! We are a company that helps unsigned bands to promote themselves in the online world, and bring in the coolest sounds and special beats music fans are seeking. We believe in every emerging artist, and we know how hard it can be to make a name for yourself nowadays. The industry is full of challenges but with mysoundMusic you finally get to eliminate the hassle, and focus on what makes you grow and evolve as a professional.

On our website, not only can you find some of your iTunes favorites (and chart-toppers) but also people that create great music, yet you didn’t know about them. That’s our purpose, to give you the content you always wanted while also pushing the boundaries, and taking things to the next level in a very creative and powerful manner. We believe in quality music, and in pushing the boundaries with outstanding, fun songs that everyone can enjoy.

We are always publishing new content, and you can find lots of cool unsigned bands in our podcast or in the interviews and updates we post on the site. Our primary focus is to always try and bring in some rewarding and fun experiences for the audience. We all want stuff that’s refreshing, different, but also a lot of fun. And with our help you really get past that.

It’s important to push the boundaries as you try to find great music. MySound Music helps you do that while also eliminating any issues, and constantly taking things to that next level. You can easily subscribe to our RSS feed if you don’t want to miss our updates, or any of the posts we create. Plus we are always here and you can rest assured we will be more than happy to assist and support you regardless of the situation.

We are open to sharing the work of any emerging artist that does something fun and different. It’s that sense of value and quality that really pushes the boundaries for us, and in the end it just becomes better and better all the time. We understand that there will be tricky situations as you go along, but with MySound Music everything becomes more refined and more powerful.


Jazz Genre –

“Marino delivers the rhythms, the syncopations with emphasis on the offbeat, and the frequent use of melancholic minor keys, in a combination which is particularly distinctive of Tango’s qualities. In musical sensibility, Marino’s tango has a lot in common with jazz and classical music. Like Astor Piazzolla, Tony’s music is about innovation, the unexpected; the more you listen to it the more surprises and nuances it reveals. “ Source: Jamsphere

Electro Pop Genre –

"Each track on this album has its own identity and reflects the moods and highlights of Alexandra Mussard’s life. There is softness but also energy with texts that reflect hope, love, doubt, courage and overcoming." Source: Thierry (manager) via MusicSubmit

HipHop Genre –

"Mr. Flamboyant is an artist of many talents. He is an accomplished entertainer with music in his DNA. Coming from a family of musical legends, Gladys Knight and William Guest of the Pips, his talent and passion for music and entertainment make it clear that the “music gene” is strong in his biological roots." Source: Mr. Flamboyant Management

Give our website and content a try, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun finding amazing unsigned bands, while expanding your musical horizons. It’s unique, different, and one of the nicest ways for you to listen to great new music!


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