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by Shamar about a year ago in playlist

Or fast walk. Depends how I feel.

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I just want to start by saying I am a major fitness head. Where will you catch me after work in the evening? The gym. Apart from Fridays and Mondays, those are rest days.

What about the weekends, in the morning? Running around the fields opposite my house. Narrowly avoiding the horse poo and dogs that keep chasing me because they want to play with my dog.

I also go for fast walks during my lunch break and randomly throughout the day for extra fitness and to get fresh air.

Listening to music whilst working out is mandatory for me. Do you listen to music whilst working out? Well, you should. In fact, did you know that music distracts people from the pain and fatigue of working out, reduces perceived effort and increases endurance? (source) Did you also know that that a good beat can help you keep pace by stimulating the motor area of the brain? (source

Below is my Spotify playlist "No Pain No Gain". Because it's true, getting fit does indeed hurt and if you don’t feel the pain then you’re not doing it right. But the day after an intense workout is a good, kind of pleasurable pain.

This playlist includes a very strange mix of genres because essentially I like any kind of music. Minus Rock music (Paramore is an exception).

Let's take a look at it. I will not go through every song, that would take forever! I'll just highlight a few of my favourites.


Little Shamar? Yeah, it's just my nickname. I'm also 5"3. Well, actually I'm 5"2.5 but we always round-up with a .5 according to the laws of maths.

Running/fast walking is my favourite type of workout. Currently, I've been running 6km five times a week. I would go to the gym but thanks to SOMEONE (COVID-19), that's not happening.

My mum used to run for our town when she was younger and my dad used to run eight miles a day. Running is in my blood. What is also in my blood is the love for fast-paced music. Specifically, house and trance music. Anything upbeat that might be played at a rave.

This is the opposite of the vast majority of fitness heads I know. Most people prefer to lift weights or go to classes. So just be aware that the majority of songs in this playlist are fast, upbeat and make you want to dance.


"Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Are you hearing me?!"

Exactly what he said. Whenever I hear those words in my ear it pushes me to keep going, keep running. If I focus on my breathing and my goals, my energy will follow and surely I will succeed.

Disclosure are my FAVOURITE duo (Howard and Guy Lawrence). I am going to see them in concert March 12th 2021 (buzzing). You'll see the vast majority of this playlist is Disclosure because they stick to making house music.

This song was the first song they released to tease their new album and I have been forever hooked. The tempo is so fast, the beat is so good.

"A lot of you, you're not where you want to be. You're thinking of negative stuff. You're in that negative zone... In order for you to get to that next level, to go where you've never gone before, is to change the way you think."

These lyrics got me personally, in regards to my body image and life in general. I can have a very negative mindset which I am working so hard to shift. I can swear the guy was actually talking to me...


"Don't worry if the sun don't shine, you've seen it before so you don't have to worry."

Amazing lyrics if you ask me. But the title of the song really speaks volumes. Don't give up! Keep running! You just stepped in dog poo for this so there's no giving up now!

Chicane is an old-school trance DJ and this song was introduced to me by mum. Trance music is one of the best genres to run to because the tempo is keeping up with your heartbeat. Science has actually proven that you are more likely to have a better work-out if you listen to "high-groove" music (source).


"OOO, it's getting closer! OOO, it's getting closer!"

The end is upon me! I tend to listen to this song nearer the end of my run when most of the hard work is done and dusted. Additionally, it's not as fast as the previous tracks and falls into the Indie music genre.

If I keep running and don't keep stopping to take a break, which I am guilty of, then maybe we can get this over and done with.

Fun fact: I was meant to go and see Tame Impala in concert May 2020 but THANK YOU COVID-19 for ruining that.


"Just to feel like this it took a long time, yeah, just to feel like this it took a long time, yeah, just to look like this it took a long time, yeah, just to look like this it took a long time, yeah."

Can't have a run without a bit of cheeky profane rap music.

When I first discovered this song a few years ago, I had first discovered the gym and my love for running. I was also very proud of myself because I had managed to lose one stone and I just looked great. Five years later, I've put it all back on but hey ho!

It did take a long time to lose weight. Everything worthwhile takes times. This song is a constant reminder that I can reach my goals. I've done it before and I will do it again (one day).


"Everybody stay strong, strong, strong, strong..."

Stay strong! Lift those weights! Keep on runing! Don't let your mind give up, you've come this far.

That is what this song means to me.


"You know you got to keep, keep on breathing."

People actually say I sound like Ariana Grande when I sing...

LOL I am completely joking with you.

I'll admit, I can't run to this song. But I can stretch and walk fast. Ari is known for making motivational boss b*tch music and that's why she's in my playlist.

It's also a pretty ironic song because yeah, I do need to keep on breathing when I'm working out or I'll be pretty screwed.


"And I've been hustling all day, this-a-way that-a-way through canals and alleyways just to say money trees is the perfect place for shade..."

I know you've heard this one before. Who doesn't like Kendrick Lamar? More cheeky profane rap music, but unlike Playboi Carti, this guy actually has something to say.

This song is what I would listen to when I am lifting weights or on the bum building machine (forgot the name) because it doesn't require so much work and I'm sitting down.

This is just a bad b*tch song and I feel like it's mandatory for everyone's playlist, working out or not. It's so easy to get lost in the lyrics.


”I feel like I’m chosen, I’m covered in gold”

Cooling down time! I’m probably either fast walking to this song or I’ve given up early and I’m just on that last half kilometre home.

So, those are my key songs. There's a whole mix in that playlist and you can definitely use it for exercise other than running. You've even got a bit of French music in there as well. Can't understand a word the artist is saying but he's a fantastic DJ, so in the playlist it goes.

Even though I state that I use this playlist for running and fast walking, there’s no reason why you can’t listen to this playlist whenever and however you want to.



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