Roses & Cigarettes’ Acoustic Sessions

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Roses & Cigarettes’ Acoustic Sessions

Music is healing—that’s a fact. Music therapy is used to help people heal from all sorts of illnesses, from depression to cancer. Why I bring this up is because it relates to the story of this duo, Roses & Cigarettes.

First, let’s take a look at who this duo is. Jenny Pagliaro, vocalist, and Angela Petrilli, guitar player, met when there was another band involved and bonded with one another instantly. It was a desire to make their own original music that pushed them to start their duo. The name comes from a song by Ray LaMontagne.

Before getting into the beautiful music these women are creating together, it’s important to point out the struggles they’ve gone through—as I feel that these struggles will help you understand some of the songs better.

The band was formed in 2013, and they released their first album in 2015. That same year, Pagliaro was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage II. She went through the treatments, but her cancer came back a year later—this time stage IV. The band still toured this time, and Pagliaro got her treatments. Her health is getting better, and according to the press release for this new EP, Pagliaro said,

“I have to take care of myself and stay healthy – that’s my priority, but my music and the band will be an important part of that healing process.”

So, let this music speak to you and heal you too!

The first track, “Another Way,” is an inspirational track. I love the blend of vocals and guitar in all of these songs, but this song really speaks to the part of you that needs to find a way to go on even when things are difficult.

“Feel The Fire” feels like a love song, but it also has those inspirational undertones. The vocals on this one are creative, exploring the singer’s ability to sing an array of notes.

“Back To You” is a sad love song. This one spoke to me on so many levels because of the lyrics, and because of how I spent a long time going back to someone that only hurt me.

“Echoes and Silence” is the most mellow track thus far on the album. It’s a beautiful and relaxing tune with lyrics that you’ll really want to listen to. It’s a song about pain, life, and getting off track—but asking for help from a higher power to get back on the right path. This song has a primal feel to it toward the end—it really gives you chills.

I love the way “Shelter” begins. The guitar on this is an upbeat track that makes you bob your head. It’s another mellow song that truly speaks to life. You’ll notice, especially in this track, how these two women’s vocals complement one another so well.

The final track is “Whiskey Down.” This is a drinking song.

The album has a bit of a country feel to it, but it’s truly a singer/songwriter masterpiece. This is a duo that sounds amazing together. If you like lyrics that speak from the heart, confident female vocals, and music that makes you tap your foot—you’ve got it.

You can find both of Roses and Cigarettes’ albums on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and many other digital outlets. Check them out online for more info.

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