Rock vs World

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An overview of the history of Rock Music

Rock vs World

As with any new thing, musicians and the music they play has often been met with ridicule and adversity in their wake. Many, many famous people took a stand to the form of art that was their own, against all the naysayers, and made not just a career, but a lifestyle with the inspiration and drive of their own imagination.

The history of Rock, especially Rock 'n' Roll, has been seen as distasteful, vulgar, and even the work of the devil himself. The Rock genre started as Rock 'n' Roll during the times of WWII. Yes, Rock has been integrated into American culture as far back as the 1940s.

While everybody was listening to Glen Miller's Orchestra of the US Army or Billie Holiday, to name a couple, some dared to dream of the sound that a guitar pulsing with electricity would sound playing riffs from Blues and Jazz origins. You read that correct too. Blues and Jazz had a major influence that has led to the music we have today.

Those genres have survived the ages along with the many other forms that have sprouted of this revolutionary idea: Country rock, Southern rock, Swamp rock, Indie rock, Metal, not including rock by the decade it was produced in, as well as many others. All that, stemming from just one encompassing word.


Now, there may be some band out there that you might not have known were actually classified as Rock. You may have heard it be referred to as Pop, or by its root form such as Blues. Whatever you know it as, Rock carries a kind of magic that can span the globe.

The Beatles. Four teenage boys playing gigs in and around Liverpool, England at a time when Doo-Wop was in its prime. Those boys sang songs they wrote themselves, all the while coming into their own sound of a new and upcoming style. They sang about love, life, and peace to all mankind while strumming away with the devil himself, so to speak.

That, I dare say, is the perfect example of the magic and magnetism Rock carries over any other genre.

Modern Pop, Rap, Country. These styles hold tight to a targeted group without a doubt. But do they last? I can't rightly remember the last time I heard someone volunteer to play "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift or "Forget You" by Ceelo Green. I'll admit, I really don't know much about Country, the last time I listened to it was before George Straight retired. But I do know that a lot of the people that I talk to of the younger generation don't even know who he is.

Back to the Beatles, who doesn't know who they were? You would be hard pressed to find anyone, anyone, who hasn't heard "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "Can't Buy Me Love," "I Am The Walrus," and so much more. Rock, above all else, sets a particular mood, grabs and one's soul, and holds a place in heart and memory like nothing else.

As loved as Rock is though, it didn't ever really have it easy. The 40s had Big Band, the 50s, Swing. 60s, Motown, and 70's, Disco. When you think back in time, you don't tend to think of time periods having Rock until you look at individual bands. Rock has always had to struggle with the times.

It wasn't 'til near the end of the 80s before people began thinking of Rock as its own. But it's always been there, right alongside everything else we've come to love and have in our daily lives.

The world of Rock not only survived its persecutions and ridicule, but has thrived into an entity that has more sub branches than any other musical type. It is that which remains to its roots and heart no matter the time it's in. It is that which brings soul and meaning deeper than modern music could hope to dream.

Rock is in all of us to some degree. It may not be your favorite, but its there, somewhere in your memory. Your history. Alive in all it's glory.

Rock vs World

Jerry Winkley
Jerry Winkley
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