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RedSquare Beauty Ranking per Era

by rubinaspilis 3 days ago in bands

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Disclaimer! This list is for entertainment purposes only. The Author does not intend to demean or make less of the visual of the members or their talents.


5. Lina

4. Ari

3. ChaeA

2. Bomin

1. Green

Unpopular opinion: it would have been better if Green had kept the stage name she used while promoting with Good Day. These girls were actually given a second chance to debut. They originally debuted under the group name Good Day, but due to some reasons, the group had to be split up and be re-debuted under different groups.

This group counts with very underrated visuals. Green and Bomin have one of the best visuals during this era. Fans hope that RedSquare is not thrown under the dungeon kind of like what happened with Good Day.

Their debut music video counts with less than a million views. And concerns about them not having a comeback in about seven months since their debut is concerning fans.

Green’s role model is Krystal of f(x). A visual who has a visual as a role model! We all know that Krystal is known for her cold visuals, but warm heart. She is also known for having one of the best bodies in the industry. Now that she is doing more personal projects, it seems that she opts for wearing less revealing clothes and that something more modest is what she sometimes prefers.

Another place where you might now Green from is “The Unit”. She participate along side fellow team mates of Good Day (and now some team mates of Cignature). She was eliminated in episode seven. Lina is also one of the oldest members. Her surname is unknown, although it has been hinted it started with the letter F. Her full name is Selena and she is Korean - American. She also debuted as a solo artist under the stage name Blenn. She was born in San Francisco but grew up Korea. She is also fluent in English. Ari is another member that is very beautiful. Her favorite color is pink.

Bomin is the youngest of the group. She is also part of the visual line. She is the lead visual and how not to be. She has defined facial features as well as a combination of innocence and boldness in her looks. Fun fact: she debuted back in 2013 as a child actress. She acted as the younger version of SNSD’S Yuri role. She is a former Blockberry Creative trainee. Can you imagine what it could have been if she debuted with LOONA?! Bomin is still very close friends with Hyunjin. LOONA already is a group with a big visual line. As a matter of fact, LOONA has been voted one of the most beautiful girl groups of ALL time.

Can you imagine Bomin debuting with this visual group? It would have made them the visual group of the fourth generation. Of course, there is no ifs in this world, and for some reason or another, Bomin debuted as a member of Good Day and now as a member of RedSquare. Just like one of her team mates, her role model if Krystal. The Author is starting to see a pattern here?

Their debut song‘s sound entices very well with the title of their song.

The introduction of the song starts almost like a thriller, then the beat drops to something sweeter.

This group has a lot of potential. As a matter of fact, many fans are waiting for their comeback. It is sad to say that Cignature has actually received a little bit more or recognition than RedSqaure.

Credits: About Entertainment

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