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Reading and Pain

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

This morning I started the second book in the Adversary series by F Paul Wilson (“The Tomb” introducing, I think , Repairman Jack) after finishing “The Keep” which I found a good read although it’s not to everyone’s taste. Second World War intertwined with Gothic horror and “The Tomb” is a continuation although the ending of “The Keep” did not really indicate that there may be a sequel. The Michael Mann was apparently a financial and artistic disaster but does have a cult following but with Ian McKellen and Gabriel Byrne in the cast I will have to revisit it. I am sure I have watched it, but like so many many times I think I thought the film was not up to the book.

This morning when I got up I had some fairly awful lower back pain , finding it difficult to stand upright , and realising that maybe sometimes those bent old people I sometimes see out may be suffering like this. I was finding it difficult to even climb the stairs but still went out for a brief walk, forcing myself upright and eventually the pain did subside. Possibly I had been sleeping awkwardly but the more I walked the less aggressive the pain became. I am not a fan of pain, and it is a sign that there is something wrong. While I don’t mind using pain killers , I won’t use them to be able to do something that is potentially damaging my actual self.

I have to say that using Google Docs to produce the initial draft of my posts for Vocal and for SevenDaysIn is working out. Docs has a running word count so I know what I am aiming for and whether I need to share anything else to hit my word target.

At this point I am about half way through the post, and there are plenty of things going through my head that are worth mentioning.

The music I have been playing while I work has included a couple of early Pink Floyd extracts from the Peter Whitehead documentary “Let's All Make Love In London” from around 1967with an almost embarrassing interview with David Hockney complaining about drinks being a pound in London , although he makes the point that in a New York you could meet a plumber or a film producer , rich and and not so rich and vice versa.. There is also a short Lee Marvin one which has him going on about mini skirts.

Then it was The Decemberists with “Long Live The King” and great twenty five minute mini album which vaguely reminded me of Little Feat who I listened to a lot last week, and have now added to my Google Pixel 2XL phone.

I followed that with David Gilmour’s “Rattle That Lock” which has wonderful cover art work although I find the music a little pedestrian, but as he is Dave Gilmour he can do what he pleases. In my opinion he has still to top his stunning debut eponymous solo album.

Currently I am playing “National Treasures” by Manic Street Preachers , over the top and pretentious but very listenable rock and they have had a lot of hits and a lot of “should be” hits, and thanks to modern music media is very easy to play and listen to. The package is very well presented and also includes a DVD, so when I got it was an absolute bargain.

As I look out of my window it's still very grey (or should that be gray? Isn’t the English language such fun) . I am surprised that we haven’t had any rain but sure that will come when we need it, it usually does.

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