Only A Visitor Makes Amazing Music

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Only A Visitor Makes Amazing Music

From Vancouver to LA, Only A Visitor is a band that is going places. One of the places they’ve recently been found is in my heart. I am in love with this band. There isn’t a song on this album I don’t like. There isn’t a thing about their music that doesn’t make me happy to listen to it, over and over again.

The band consists of Robyn Jacob on Keyboard and Vocals, Emma Postl and Celina Kurz on Vocals, Jeff Gammon on Bass, and Kevin Romain on Drums. They are all very talented musicians, and you will realize that the moment you start listening to this album.

This album begins with some tapping of the ivory keys, harmonized by some humming. It’s relaxing and enticing. In come the lyrics that make Only A Visitor a band worth listening to. Bird Sanctuary is a lovely song.

Lines, the title track, is by far the most awesome song I’ve heard by this band. It’s a bit twisted at points (or at least in my mind), but oh so beautiful. I really enjoyed the story the lyrics were telling in this one. I especially enjoyed the video for this song on Youtube. The video is extremely artistic and enthralling. It’s amazingly done and it fits the song so well.

Foggy Streets sounds like it could have been an old nursery rhyme. The lyrics are simple, yet not so simple. It’s a fun song that you may even want to sing-along to. It’s hard to express in words how amazing this music is and how each song has it’s own feel and story. I highly suggest you take a listen, and make sure that you spend some time listening to a few songs, not just one. With three songs, at the least, I feel like you can get the full understanding of why I am so highly touting the talent of this band.

Each song seems to have so many layers, and Running In My Sleep is no exception. Not only are the lyrics to these songs amazing but so too are the harmonizing factors that go into each of them. Sometimes it’s humming, sometimes it’s singing, sometimes it’s an entire line of the song, sometimes it’s just one word. No matter, it’s pleasing to the ears and the soul alike.

Metal begins with a chorus of beautiful female voices and sounds like something that may have come out of the 50s or even earlier. It definitely has a vintage sound, and it is delightful. After listening to this song I’ve decided it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite song from this album.

Visiting Light is a comforting song. There’s a lot going on in this tune, but the vocals are the stand out part of the song. The singer has an angelic voice that is unlike anything I have heard in awhile. It’s nice to hear music with powerful female vocals that isn’t heavy or something you’d hear on the rock station.

Only As We Talked is definitely a song telling a story. I felt like I could relate to this one in so many ways. It talks about things going wrong. It talks about enjoying music at a club. It talks about life, really. This one really has an eclectic sound to it.

Do You Mind is another song that has those church chorus sounds. The women’s vocals in these songs blend so well together. This is such a talented band of musicians that I can’t help being in awe as I near the final song.

And that final song is Feigning Innocence, which has a rhythm that kind of makes me think of music you would hear while riding on a carousel. When the lyrics talk about being like children again it made me feel like my comparison was valid. It’s a fun and rhythmic song with a circus feel to it.

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