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Musical Instruments

Music Straight To Your Heart

By Prince PuraiyaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Music Is Love

Listening to a soothing sitar tune on a summer night or a heart-warming flute tune while sipping hot chai on a rainy morning - any musical instrument played with excitement can calm your mind and soothe your soul. If you enjoy instrumental music and want to learn about the different types of instruments, this article is for you.


The modern piano can be traced back to various instruments such as the Clavichord, Dulcimer, and Harpsichord. Cristofori, dissatisfied with the Harpsichord's lack of volume control, invented the modern piano by replacing the plucking mechanism with a hammer. The hammers are activated by a piano player pressing keys on the keyboard, or the harder the pressure, the louder the volume. It belongs to the string and percussion families and, with over 2500 parts, is one of the most complicated musical instruments.

Guitar Classical

The classical guitar is a stringed musical instrument with gut or nylon strings. The fretboard of a classical guitar is slightly wider, while the neck is shorter than other guitars. The hollow wooden body produces sound by plucking a series of strings able to run along the guitar body while fingering the frets with another hand. Frets are metal strips found on the neck of an instrument.

The Electric Guitar

The electric guitar, as opposed to the classical guitar, is a stringed musical instrument with steel strings. They have magnetic pickups embedded in their bodies beneath the strings. When the cables vibrate, these pickups convert the vibrations into electrical pulses, which are then converted into sound and played by passing them through an amplifier via a cable. They have a wooden body and come in as many shapes as possible because the shape of an electric guitar does not affect the sound it produces.

Set of Drums

A drum set, also known as percussion instruments, is a selection of big and small drums, cymbals, or other percussion instruments. They are set up on stands and can only be played by one person. Percussion instruments differ depending on the genre and the drummer. The drumsticks are held in the fingers to hit the drums, and the pedals that control the Cymbals are operated with the feet.


The violin is a small, high-pitched string instrument. The cables are hitched from keying pegs to the tailpiece via a bridge and are fretless. The sound is produced when the vibrations of the strings are transmitted or resonated in the hollow wooden body of the majority of them.


A woodwind instrument is a saxophone. It has a conical tube, usually made of brass, with about 20 to 24 openings controlled by padded keys. To allow air to pass, the tip of this conical tube is flared into the shape of a bell. A player holds the sax and presses the keys with their fingers to play it.


The flute is one of humanity's oldest instruments. It has been around for thousands of years and has mostly retained its shape and sound. The modern metal flutes with spring-loaded keys, which are mainly used in western music, were created by Theobald Boehm. Most flutes are tubular-shaped woodwind instruments with a specially designed opening called embouchure, through which the player blows air, creating a vibrating column of air whose pulsations we hear as sound.


The trumpet is an ancient instrument renowned for its powerful musical presence. It dates back to ancient Egypt and has become a popular instrument in military and ceremonial settings due to its intense, powerful, stately, metallic sound. The trumpet is a wind instrument with a conical one-third of its metal tube length and a cylindrical two-thirds, attached to a cup-shaped mouthpiece or a flared bell.

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