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by Rini Mulani about a month ago in electronica

Peaceful Practices & Daily Listens


For the past seven years I walked through life with blinders chasing the idealistic lifestyle known as the “American dream.” In this process my human was set on autopilot, submerged in a life of monotony with precious time ticking away. I had turned sour like an old glass of milk and expiring is exactly where I was headed mentally. The next day I arrived to work and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I watched in disbelief how my coworkers maneuvered like robots imprisoned in a cycle meant to keep us reigned in like cattle. No wonder a dark cloud was lingering over me, I spent over sixty hours a week surrounded by those in misery and I was becoming a product of my environment. I then had an epiphany, a shockwave of intuitive clarity that change needed to happen NOW! I took a risk and requested my saved up three weeks of vacation and set out on a journey that saved my life. I asked myself the questions I had been avoiding and adapted new habits, one being meditation. Once I acknowledged exactly what was cancerous in my life, the journey found me and lit the path like wildfire showing me where I needed to go to find my euphoria.

Throughout my meditation journey I found what worked best for me through experience. There are all types of meditations available ranging from mindfulness, transcendental, breath awareness, and Kundalini to say the least. At the beginning of the journey I listened to guided meditations to help my mind focus and understand. After I had mastered the basics I came across (and personalized) these playlists that allowed me to pursue my own meditating style.

Beginner Phase One:

When weaning off the guided meditations I kept it short and simple. I listened to familiar classical tunes to set the vibe. This playlist averages out to around eight and a half minutes perfect for a beginner trying to keep a focused mind. These tunes ring inspirational, giving all the right feels for a positive listening experience.

Meditation Comfort Phase Two:

Meditation playlist 2 is more universal and can be used as an energy pick me up or for relaxation. These songs are a little more upbeat with few vocals giving a nice fresh energetic feel. Strike divine timing and the right song will have you feeling like it is incidental music for your life! Listen while unwinding, creative thinking, meditating, or beginning a peaceful day. This playlist truly can do no wrong!

During meditation practice I found mindfulness and breath work the most effective. Clear your head and focus on the sound and vibrations of the music. Practice your breathing, feel your breath enter the body and fill your lungs. Feel the sensations of your other senses working and just be in the present moment. When your mind starts to wander notice and bring it right back! This demonstrates mindfulness while applying breath work, the perfect two in one.

Healing Frequencies Adaption:

At last! My favorite and most powerful listen of all! I bumped into this playlist while searching for frequencies to benefit the body. Not only are these magnificent for meditation but also help escape reality when your brain can no longer function. The healing frequencies are synchronized with brainwaves and use sound healing to clear energetic blockages. The sounds are beyond soothing facilitating healing physically and mentally. When I’m feeling down, angry, or bothered I plug up with my headphones and listen on shuffle. I kid you not every time I am able to pull myself out of that funk and see beyond those low vibrational emotions. These healing frequencies will change your life and have you feeling recharged and lighter than a feather!

I found the change I was looking for and after those three weeks of vacation I never returned. I gave a one weeks notice on my second week of vacation and chose mental health over money. There is never any amount of money worth giving up your sanity. If the “American dream” was such a dream why was I feeling the way I did trying to maintain it? The results and plateau I had crashed into were merely a reflection of who I was in that present moment. The old life I was accustomed to disintegrated in a couple of weeks all because I took a stand and chose freedom over a mental prison.

Small changes amount to big leaps! Acknowledge what you want to change today and break free. Try meditating and searching for those answers within to be the you I know you can be! Take a risk and do something you’ve never done by listening to these playlist and I promise you won’t come out the same person you used to be!


Rini Mulani
Rini Mulani
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