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Maybe Music Is (Partly) to Blame for Our Life

by Dalila Abdelkhalek 3 years ago in fact or fiction
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What if you could change your life by listening to certain songs? Some call it a coincidence, others the law of attraction.

If the law of attraction is real, and we attract the thing with the same frequency we’re vibrating on, could it be that by listening to certain songs—vibrating on that frequency as you put your heart and soul in singing along with it—we’re telling the universe that is what we want? Everything in your life right now could then be a manifestation of your favorite song. Perhaps a childhood favorite, one that you sang over and over and over; one that you would still know by heart. What if the law of attraction is real and you’ve been vibrating to that song for years. The universe and its laws never fail, so you would have experienced it. Maybe you’re still experiencing it.

One of my favorite songs is "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.

According to Urban Dictionary, tainted love is "Love you have for a person that is so deep and feels like it should last forever, but it can't for some complicated, unfair reason. So when you have only a certain amount of time left with the person you love, you know that it is tainted love. Because although you would risk your life for them and think of them all the time (even in your dreams), you can't be with them forever."

If you understood the beginning of this story, it won’t come as a surprise what I’m about to say—to everyone else: Bare with me. I’ll promise you’ll get it too.

All my relationships consist of tainted love. Some of my best friends, the ones I met during my travels, live in different countries and some even on different continents. The first guy I loved lives in a different country. The second guy I could potentially love lives in a different country. All my relationships have a form of tainted love.

I was about 10 when I first remember hearing the song. "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell came on the TV and my mom started singing along. "You know this song?" I asked. Completely unaware this was a classic. She showed a confused look and yelled, "Yes I know this song! It’s a classic. You know nothing. Let me show you the clip, it’s even better."

She showed me the clip and her excitement was contagious. Before knowing it, I copied her enthusiasm and excitement for the song. For years, I showed my friends the song and video clip. Sharing her exact words with them, as if it were my thoughts that came up with them. It was like I became my mother.

I’ll later tell you why I think I did it. For now, it’s enough to know I’ve spent hours listening to that song and feeling the lyrics. I’ve spent hours dancing to that song and vibrating on that frequency.

It’s now Saturday, the 15th of December 2018, and I think I just realized every single relationship I had or have consists of tainted love because I’ve been singing and dancing to that song for years.

If the law of attraction is true, and listening to certain songs and thereby vibrating on their frequency gives you exactly that which the songs imply, could that mean that you can change your life by listening to certain songs?

Another thing I’m going to figure out. My gap year is all about self-growth, and if I can make that easier by listening to certain songs and not listening to others, I'm sure as hell going to do that.

And I suggest you do too.

fact or fiction

About the author

Dalila Abdelkhalek

a 22-year-old girl, born and raised in Amsterdam, with many interests.

One of them is writing.

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