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Leo Season 2022: Virgo Musicians Tarot Reading

by Astral Realm By Calyx Kre 3 months ago in pop culture
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Leo Season 2022: Virgo Musicians Tarot Reading

Virgo: Earth Sign

Leo Season 2022: Virgo Musicians Tarot Reading:

Pisces (Jupiter/Neptune/Twelfth House Energy): This is the time for you at expand your artistic creativity in your music. It's kind of like a flow a creativity and inspiration is coming your way and you are starting to work on new music.

Knight Of Wands: The Knight Of Wands in tarot represents adventure, change, confidence and enthusiasm: You are starting to find your confidence again through doing what you love. This could be your career or discovering new interests in new hobbies.

The Knight Of Wands is associated with the elements of fire and fire. You could be connecting with someone who is a fire sign or has fire sign placements in their natal chart (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

The Knight Of Wands is associated with zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Definetly, picking up Sagittarius energy. Someone that you are connecting with could be a Sagittarius or have Sagittarius placements in their natal chart.

Taurus (Venus/Second House Energy): The energy around you shows the abundance of nature. It is rich, earthy and productive, yet relaxed and slow: You are starting to take initiative on your music career, by reaching out to studios to record new upcoming music projects and venues to get back into performing gigs again. You might have taken a break from music and now you are getting back into it.

Codependency: Addictions are affecting your romantic life: You could be working on releasing any codependency that you have at this time.

One Door Opens: You have all these music opportunites coming your way. It's coming into alignment and you will see in divine timing.

I am Divine Mind: Perhaps, you are practicing the law of attraction in order to manifest your dream life. You could be researching manifestation techniques that could help you get into a positive mindset in order to manifest your desires.

Agate: Get back into balance: This is a confirmation from the universe and your spirit guides that you working on getting back into producing music. Finding the harmony and balancing in making music.

Boundaries: You could be setting healthy boundaries at this time with those who have wronged you. Be aware of their reaction and remember to remain strong. You will get through this.

No longer holds power over you. Dissolve attachments of the past with love: Those who have wronged you might have tried to stand in the way of your music career and so, you felt better by taking some time a way to figure out how to proceed forward. You felt powerless and not in control of your music. You have found a place where you can be yourself as a musician, but the past still may haunt you. Find support if you need it.

The end of a tough cycle approaches/Full moon in Capricorn: You are starting to feel confident again in yourself and starting to believe that you can pursue your dreams of having a music career.

Sanctuary: Privacy, inviolate personal space, respected boundaries and taboos: Those who have wronged you, could be trying to reach out to you or try to find where you are. You may have moved away from those who have wronged you in order to find peace and harmony. Seek help if you find yourself in unsafe circumstances at this time.

You Got The Love: Hadarian energy. Codependency. Boundaries: You could be back to working on music again, but also this is a sign to release all codependency from those that have wronged you. Staying in contact with someone who projects their negativity is not best way for you to proceed forward with your life.

Priestess: How are you being called to step up and lead?: This is a sign from the universe and your spirit guides that it's time to stand up for yourself and not let anyone try to take advantage of your or try to stand in the way of your dreams and goals.

Violet Flame: Invoke the cosmic diamond violet flame. Transmute all that is not love: You could writing new music about letting go of your codependency to those who have wronged you and getting your side of the story out there and known to others. Trust your intuition and find support.

Uranus in Virgo Tarot Reading:

Trust in your new path. All will work out for you: This is a sign from the universe and spirit that they will always be looking out for you and protecting you. Trust in the universe and your spirit guides that you will find yourself on the right path again.

Telepathy: Non-verbal communication, energetic pulses, "mind reading": This is another sign from the universe and your spirit guides that you have a really strong intuition. You could be developing strong psychic abilities.

Selenite: Clear the clutter: Time to release and let go of what no longer serve you.

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I’m Calyx Kre, I’m an opera, musical theatre and classical music vocalist and music producer/composer. I’m also an astrologer and astrology tarot reader. Astral Realm is a publishing company/music astrology/musician law of attraction blog.

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