K-Pop, Your Kinks Are Showing 2

A compilation of every song that's lowkey (highkey) kinky and why

K-Pop, Your Kinks Are Showing 2
Kick It - NCT127

Here we go again with me analysing songs and MVs to find kinky stuff in them. If you haven’t read the first one, you can find it here.

This is kink-shaming free.

Reminder that kinks aren’t inherently sexual and that this isn't intended to be taken as fact but only as head-cannons.

With that said, let’s start this shit.


The world of roleplay is vast. It can include acting like your favourite characters in an online chat scene, wearing a tail and some fluffy ears or dressing up in a sexy fireman outfit and stating yourself as an authority.

Moreover, there are plenty of reasons for people to get into it. While it gives some the opportunity to escape for one moment their anxiety, for others it can feel really empowering. For this reason, it is an activity that holds a large and diverse community.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that the K-Pop industry is filled with songs that reflect this practice. Here are some examples:

Filter – BTS: There’s this head-cannon in the fandom whenever using Jimin’s character in a fic that the boy has an attention and praise kink. This song pretty much confirms that.

Wanting to be perfect for a partner, wanting to take their attention away from the troubles of their lives for just one moment, this song describes those feelings well. Indeed, in this song BTS’ member Jimin (mainly) expresses a desire to entertain the listener. He is willing to do everything to achieve that goal and even to become someone else. He also states a fantasy of being even better than someone’s ideal type as fact and tbh it probably is judging by how easy it is for him to make people fall in love with him.

Cactus – A.C.E: Crying out not be abandoned to a cold face can be strangely therapeutic if done in the right environment and with the right people. By that, I imply a consensual roleplay scene that has been properly discussed beforehand. Among the lyrics of this debut track, the members speak words of “if it’s to make one flower bloom I can take anything” and “I don’t break down that easily” which could be understood as a willingness to go very far into a scene in hope of obtaining gratification. Moreover, the MV begins with the members being tied up to a chair with black handkerchiefs blocking their view (according to the hanky-code, black=into S&M activities). Further in, WOW is also seen wearing a harness.

Collars and some movement restriction can be found in their music video, Undercover. (and Byeongkwan is like, really, really cute with those pony tails omg ;-;)

Black & Blue – A.C.E: Pretty sure I told myself: “hey those colors are on the Leather Pride flag” and proceeded to note down that I had to give this song a listen. Welp. Turns out it’s actually kinky. Indeed, in this song two members of the group (Jun and WOW) express a desire to completely possess someone. There’s this jealousy play thing that mix well with this more animalistic vision of want (acting on instincts, thirsting/ being hungry for another person, throwing away common sense). They want that girl to look at them and only at them and if disobeyed they will destroy her with their fingertips. In the context of roleplay, this could be very sexy.

Lion – (G)I-DLE: In the wide kingdom of animal roleplay, the members of this girl group have chosen the lions to represent their dominance. Indeed, the entire MV is filled with references to the felines be it in the way they dance or by wearing claw-like accessories. However, the main point of the song is really to express their queenship. No one can take them down, no one can detain them and they will destroy everything that comes to get them. They should be acclaimed and adored because that is what they deserve. Surely, you wouldn’t want to disobey them?

Fighter – Monsta X: Oh, this one is just fun (if we ignore the angsty beginning and references to All In and the fact that Kihyun is seen carrying a dead body at some point…). Other than that: the shirtless black-smith Wonho, Show-Nu the boxer (that is made knight by Jooheon?) and doctor Jooheon. There’s also this clear obsession with teddy bears and video games which could be great to get into a little or middle mind-space. Overall, this is fun and refreshing, a good example of how kinks can be therapeutic.

Trouble – Exo: Women can be hella intimidating and this song embodies that feeling really well. The girl that is mentioned throughout the song has completely turned their world upside down and they honestly couldn’t care less “even if it hurts”, even if their lover leaves their mark on them. They wanna ride her, are wet for her and they also want to be swallowed whole by her. When sung so prettily, that girl is bound to give in to their desires, right?

Don’t Tease Me – Speed: These lyrics really sound like they were written by either a disobedient sub or by a dom that took control back. Like “haha, you’re mad? You could control me before but now it doesn’t work? Imma tease you and make you pay twice as much. Begging me to stop won’t even work anymore.” At the end, the party monologuing proceeds to humiliate the other mercilessly.

Lion - (G)I-DLE

Weapon Fetishization

A fake or real weapon can be really arousing. While they can simply be very aesthetically pleasing to some, to others they can be a symbol of dominance which turns them on. They can be associated with a variety of other kinks but for the sake of making my life simpler I’ll just make this category.

Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls: *sighs lovingly* assassins. This song and the music video that was made for it reference the epic movie Kill Bill. The result emanates power. There’s definitely a cowboy thing going on with the hats, boots, guns and murders which I find very fun plus I love Gain’s little harness and leather garter in the dance bits.

Talking about the choreography, it presents some ruthless display of power play with the members completely but playfully disregarding the male dancers as anything else but props. The lyrics also present some kinky stuff like preventing someone from begging or crying “just yet” and making fun of the person when they become a mess of snot and tears…Damn, the Brown Eyed Girls are surely cold-blooded.

Kick It – NCT 127: In this title track for their latest album NCT #127: Neo Zone, the NCT members state that they are as powerful as some other big names like Bruce Lee and Samuel Jackson. They do this by handling nunchuks, mixing their choreography with martial arts, by having a dope ass track with solid vocals and rap sections and by flaunting their abs. Also, Jaehyun staring at the camera like that? Rude. V rude.

Snapping – Chung Ha: This song spells power play. The MV is the kind you watch and end up thinking : “please step on me, ma’am”. And wouldn’t you look at that, Chung Ha owns a sword at one point. Not saying that I’ve connected the dots but that’s exactly what I’m saying. This empowering piece will surely inspire others to hold their ground regardless of the obstacles that present themselves.

Peek-A-Boo – Red Velvet: This group has this weird crazy vibe which I adore. It’s just in the icy way they look at the camera in Bad Boy or Russian Roulette; they’ll be acting cute one second and then have an eye-contact moment with the viewer that seems to spell “you’re next” and somehow that can be…hot? And I feel like Peek-A-Boo represents this feeling very well.

Indeed, in this song, the girls are implied to be some dangerous serial killers that flirt with their victims before killing them. They are visibly dangerous, seen holding various weapons like crossbows, blades, guns and axes. You would be a fool to trust them but sometimes that’s just the mindspace you wanna go to, right?

Ddu Du Ddu Du – Black Pink: In this song, Black Pink basically demonstrates unabashed how goddamn important and imposing they are even bringing in a bedazzled tank. A TANK! As if the thrones, the crowns, the big ass chess game, the massive chandelier, the katana, the bank vault, all the shopping bags and the expensive looking pets weren’t enough: they brought in a tank and made it all pretty-looking too!

Room Shaker – Ailee: This EDM-y track basically spells out: “I am almighty”. As a vocalist myself, the fact that Ailee was powerful was clear to me already - I didn't need this song to know - but I’m always here for strong women spitting empowering lines. And here Ailee goes with all her charisma, reminding us that she is a queen and intimidating the haters by leaning on a baseball bat. (Okay, I guess strong vocals are also sort of a fetish of mine.)

Obsession – Exo: Okay before elaborating on this I just wanted to say: men in crop tops. That’s it. (Rock it, Kai).

Okay let’s go: what better way to bring out the dominant sides of people than making them fight with their evil doppelgangers. This way you get them to spit the most cruel, ruthless, mocking things which some can find really arousing while also having lyrics that hold strong emotions. Plus, you get this overall angst-y tension that can be very…inspiring. Indeed, this song and the MV represent a vicious fight between EXO and their darker counterparts X-EXO where they use, on one part, weapons like bows and swords and, on the other, words (it's mostly words but I'm thankful for the swordfighting clip and the angst created by Sehun getting shot by... himself?).

If we take the song out of this fictional context, you get this really intimidating and derisive speech, ideal to make some subs whine.

I considered putting this in the “Off-Brand Kinks” section for it’s also a call-out to sasaeng fans to tell them: “you crazy, stop stalking me”. I adore this so: you go, EXO.

Savage – A.C.E: Again with the baseball bat. Although this one…It feels like it’s used more lewdly at some point? But that might just be my dirty mind acting up. I mean, that little smooth slide along the…I can’t even find a word that doesn’t sound dirty in this context. Bat? Shaft? Length? They’re all synonyms of penis I could use when writing smut. *sighs* Anyway, the song is great, pretty sure the baseball bat was actually used to give the members a threatening vibe.


Hobglobin – CLC: In this song, the CLC members pursue a romantic interest and are confident that they will get them. However, there are various moments where they seem to be doubt. “I’m a bit nervous”, “It’s taking too long”, “Should I make some changes?” Such moments make the later use of the weapons in the MV even more inspiring. Indeed, here, the CLC members use baseball bats and maces to destroy metaphors for beauty standards in the media and the pressure that is put on them to be perfect. A creative way to establish dominance, in my opinion. Like: “Bitch, I’m strong enough to voluntarily spark outrage in the smallest minds, do you really think I can’t manhandle you?”

Dumb Litty – KARD: Powerful aesthetics to fit powerful song and artists. If the hotness of the members (JIWOO IN THAT GARTER BELT AND CORSET) didn’t already have you on your knees, the heavy sword and mace paired with the bass-fat track are certain to have you yielding.

Kill Bill - Brown Eyed Girls

Off-Brand Kinks

Kinks that aren’t actually kinks but that we’re all horny for.

Wannabe - Itzy and Dalla Dalla – Itzy: Two bomb songs that talk about loving the uniqueness of one’s self regardless of other people’s standards. As pressure to fit beauty standards is especially hard on the women of this industry and of the world, it’s refreshing to have women sing songs like this. In their MV for Wannabe, symbolism to reflect such rebellious ideas include cutting hair and taking off high-heels.

Money – Dawn: Basically a call-out to capitalism. In this song, Dawn leads us into an internal interrogation on the flaws of this system. Indeed, by impersonating a curious child (“I want to ask my parents but they’re sleeping”) and by formulating his lyrics in the shape of questions, he brings forth the discussion on the worrying importance of money in many societies. This incitation to Socratic questioning is his way of making an impact or of “paint[ing] flowers so [that] they will not die”. (Read my article here for a deeper analysis)

Hip – Mamamoo: Another song that challenges the pressure put on women of this industry and on idols in general. They call out how the public expects them to always be perfect and how such small things like fashion can become controversies. I'm happy the lyrics state that the members continue being strong through the harsh critics and I'm sure it empowers others to do the same.

UGH! – BTS: This piece denouncing the spreading of malice-filled rage online while acknowledging the importance of anger is just *chef’s kiss*. I’ve said what I wanted to say. Just listen to the damn song.

Friends – BTS: Oh goodness this song is so sweet and refreshing. It’s not every day that you hear a love song for friends. Indeed, in this song the two BTS members V and Jimin express their love for each other calling each other pet names, recalling their shared memories, making fun of the other’s pinky… This is basically a middle finger destined to toxic masculinity and I love it :D

Suit Up – Jonghyun: This song is so SWEET. The setting is said to be on the first night of a honey moon and candidly put: it’s about sex. It’s very soothing, very vanilla sounding with words of love and reassurance being repeated all through the song and my heart is melting listening to it. It’s about simplicity, showing yourself as you are to your partner, being vulnerable and truly abandoning yourself to one moment and forgetting everything else around you. Now the reason why I wanted to speak about this is: consent. This pop song about sex talks about consent. And just…Wow. Yey. I’m happy. Thank you, Jjong, for that. Luv this song. It very precious and it makes me soft inside.

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