K-Pop, Your Kinks Are Showing

A compilation of every song that’s lowkey (high key) kinky and why

K-Pop, Your Kinks Are Showing

As a fanfic writer, I try to keep up with what the fandoms like, dislike but mostly get horny for. By doing that, I have realized that a lot of their main fetishes have already been shown in one of the groups’ songs or music videos and that it’s probably why they were attracted to them in the first place. No worries, this is kink-shaming free.

Reminder that a kink doesn’t need to be sexual and that this in no way means that the singers/producers are actually kinky. The purpose of this text is to hopefully acquaint K-pop fans to their kinks and to maybe introduce kinksters to the world of K-pop.

However, I am new to the kink scene myself and could have written faulty statements. I hope to not mislead anyone and would appreciate any mistakes to be pointed out to me.

Enjoy :)


To be honest, no one fucking agrees on what the letters (leathers haha) stand for. It’s an umbrella term for many things going from, dominant/submissive dynamics, bondage, discipline, to sadomasochism (which also includes another bunch of other kinks like impact play, tickle torture, wax play… so many kinks!).

So here comes the songs:

Vixx – "Chained Up"

This one is pretty obvious (it’s literally called "Chained Up"). It features collars, chains, references to being handcuffed in the choreo, which all refer to bondage. The lyrics talk about submitting to a whip, include a praise fetish and explore a certain power dynamic.

Electric Shock – "F(x)"

You are correct if you guessed electric play for this one (yep, it’s a thing). The lyrics could be interpreted as a session of shocking (ha) discoveries while playing with electricity. It does seem that they should have had better negotiations though “I’ve already gone past my limit” isn’t really reassuring…But maybe that’s part of a roleplay? Who knows.

Roll Deep – "Hyuna"

In the MV, Hyuna embodies an intimidating dominatrix, flaunting her power in both her lyrics and the images of the song. She’s a queen, that’s all you need to know.

BTS- "Blood, Sweat, and Tears"

Includes sensory deprivation multiple times in the MV. In the lyrics, they talk about wanting pain, to be tied up and to be imprisoned and enslaved. In a deeper analysis, one can notice it mentions the desire to give one's self to another person fully, to trust them into making one “senseless.” Also, intoxication is considered a kink/trope/cliché for fanfics so, that too.

Flowsik and Jessi - "Wet"

What to say, this is a sexy song and people are getting soaked. There are talks about impact play, food play, body worshipping… It’s definitely a song to feel hot and mighty.

DDD – "Exid"

The humiliation is strong in this one. The lyrics are legit making fun of someone (possibly of how they come too fast, but that’s just my understanding). In fact, the girls have stated that some of the lyrics were chosen because they knew men hated hearing them.

Vixx - "Voodoo Doll"

Analyzing it in the point of view of someone in a mind-space (and not someone in a really unhealthy relationship), this gives off slave-like vibes. Wanting to do anything for your partner, allowing them to hurt you, asking for them to punish you if you make a mistake, craving their satisfaction. The image of the voodoo doll is accurate in the sense that, in this mind-space, the person gives themselves wholly to their “master.” Moreover, through the gory images of the music video, one can notice images of what could be identified as knife play, needle play and other types of pain-inflicting practices.

AOA Cream - "I’m Jelly Baby"

Through the pastel colors of the MV and the cheerfulness of the melody lies a possessiveness fetish. Harmless as a role-play, can lead to some punishments “all night long” if disobeyed.

Pet Play

A type of roleplay where one enters the mind-space of an animal and has fun with their friends, pack, significant other. It can make one feel more submissive, more soft or more playful, the mind-space is different for everyone.

Where it was shown in kpop?

Exo- "Wolf"

This fandom is hella big on Wolf AUs (au=alternate universes), I can tell you (I write them). Starting with the Wolf MV (which is cursed by the group and the fandom themselves), you can see them acting like wild animals and being associated with wolves (more precisely were-wolves). They are represented in the lyrics as beings that can’t control their hunger (which you could relate to eating out or vore) but that somehow fall in love with their “beauty” that they now want to keep only to themselves (reference to the “mating” concept of alpha/beta/omega trope that you might have seen before in Twilight (yeah that imprinting thing? It’s that.)).

Exo - "Growl"

It’s funny yet not surprising to think that the song that made EXO known to the elders of Korea is a kinky song. Indeed, there is again a reference to all this wolf and soul-mate thing along with the possessiveness you could maybe attribute more to a BDSM role play dynamic.

SHINee - "Woof Woof"

. …They dress up as dogs to perform it…It’s called Woof Woof…It’s a really fun song that displays really well the playfulness of the puppy mind-space, is all I can say.

AOA - "Like a Cat"

Here the fluidity of movements that are often associated with cats is what is being fetishized. It’s a flirty song, that exploits both the cute and the ferocious side of the kitty mind-space.

TXT "Cat & Dog"

In the non-sexual part of kink, there’s this one. It’s just a really adorable head-space of softness and innocence, wanting to be groomed, to be kneaded, wanting to just be someone’s pet to be taken care of. Much aw. The members are seen with animal ears in the MV as well as doing more “animal-like” gestures in the choreo.

Mamamoo- "Waggy"

Another one where they dress up as dogs to perform. It really feels like it’s written from the perspective of a dog. In the chorus, for example, they keep saying “it’s them” and the sound of the words and their beat reminds us of the wagging of an excited tail. Very sweet.

Bonus: Off-brand kinks

Kinks that aren't actual kinks but that we're all horny for.

CLC- "No" -

Asserting one's boundaries can be a challenging task so seeing women get empowered by the very word "no" is a significant display of dominance. Moreover, in the era of #metoo, the message of telling men that they won't dress to please them but to fit their own aesthetic is incredibly important.

Holland - I'm Not Afraid

The courage this man has, the boldness. When working on his first Music Video "Neverland," he was told that the image of two men kissing (even innocently) would get his video restricted for adults only and he decided to do it anyway. This time, he included many many lips on lips and tongues on tongues in a video that includes differences of all types even bringing in a drag queen to his party.

Mamamoo - "Egoistic"

Who doesn't live for women calling men on their bullshit? Who doesn't live for people claiming the place they deserve in society? The oppressors.

Sistar - "One More Day"

1. Homosexuality representation. 2. Girls supporting each other 3. Men being on the losing party.

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