Introducing Amy Edwards, Content Creator

by Michele S. 8 months ago in celebrities

“I love to think through possibilities and options.”

It was a Wednesday morning, and Amy has just wrapped up another episode of The Real Show podcast, where she has deep one-on-one conversations. “I love the medium to reach people,” she says. “and bring out the fact that we all have the same fears, doubts, and insecurities.”

Late in March, the content creator took to Twitter to share exciting news about the launch of a new series on the podcast where she sits down with inspiring women who are making it happen. The host, Edwards, has taken on the directorship of the Conscious Media Festival in Austin, Texas. “The conscious content developed over time,” she says. “and increased my awareness on what I was putting out there.”

Edwards joined Austin Film Society in January 2014, is a committee co-chair which funds the filmmaker travel grant. She worked as an on-air personality at Austin Radio Network before cutting her teeth as a musician. In late 2014, Edwards and the Hi-Fi Society came together (include performing at various venues) then released an extended play, "Get Live," "Superstar," and the 2017 EP "Little Birds" produced by AJ Vallejo. The latest, "Magic," was born from transformation as a two-part album which is available on the music streaming service.

Within two years she founded RY Magazine (stand for Rock Your), a website contributes to topics of self-empowerment and ways to make life rocking. Edwards spends time shooting a variety of commercials in addition to short films according to IMDb. She works as an event lead and media spokesperson for Moms Demand Action, a non-partisan organization work toward safer gun laws.

This year a carpet event at the premiere of Gentleman Driver where Edwards flex her interview skills. Even with motivation, Edwards ended up achieving: Her latest— a children's book about a girl who wants to become a singer; the second one, The Trouble With Becoming a Witch; the third, Rock Your Life: 30 Days to Building New Habits and Smashing Goals. “I hope it offers people insight,” she says. “and live to speak their truth.”

That philosophical spirit is something she lives to inspire herself and her social media followers. “I love to think through possibilities and options,” she says, “it definitely serves me with my work and the podcast.” But Edwards knows how to rock her life: ten hours ago, she took to Instagram to share a Monday motivation and what’s the latest.

Amy has a philosophy on what she learned and how to rock life daily.

Search for impact.

“I search for impact in everything but if I have to choose, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It's an amazing resource for creatives."

Stay perceptive and keep learning.

“It’s never too late to learn something new: At any age, we tend to think how we should've of figured it out and forgive ourselves for whatever it was we went through or unsure of.”

Who and What You Want

“Sometimes it's tough to even know what that is, though you have to get comfortable with not knowing.”

Don’t get too attached.

“I believe that we have to go for it as women and not get too attached to a certain definition of ourselves.”

Never stumble.

“Success is getting up and keep going, and never let a stumble get the better of you and stop you from progression.”

Waking up, do it again, move forward.

“I never let fear get the best of me or bring me down: Take risks and live life because it's the only one we've got (or the only one we seem to remember).”

Michele S.
Michele S.
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