How to Compose a Song

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Here are some tips to composing a song. Hopefully, this article will help you compose your own songs.

How to Compose a Song

For me, I always wanted to be a musician. I told myself, If I want to pursue my dreams I need to compose my own songs. And I did. From watching other musicians, they have inspired me to write my own songs.

Tip 1: Come up with a title.

Think about your best friend, your family, your pet or food. Let’s say that food is delicious, food makes me hungry, and food is life. Then the title would be Food. We all have feelings; if you are feeling sad, happy, depressed, or angry, then write about it. If you stumble with a word that made you inspired or you don’t know what it means, search it up. It might connect with you and you might use it as a title. Just try to ask someone, communicate with other people, and they might say the word Growing Pains. Next thing you know, you have a title for a song!

Tip 2: Write the structure of the song.

You need to know and write a song structure. It is basically the whole idea for writing a song. For ex: verse1/chorus/verse2/bridge/chorus. Another ex: verse1/pre-chorus/chorus/post-chorus/verse 2/bridge/chorus. By writing out a song structure, you are getting the idea of how the song will start and end.

Song Structure:

Tip 3: Try to rhyme.

It is always good to rhyme words. Just make sure that it makes sense. For ex:

She is truthful

Refined and powerful

Another ex:

Oh girl I look up at the sky

Still wondering why

You picked him and not me

I kept thinking about you

Because I’m hurting too

Tip 4: Coming Up With a Chorus

For the chorus, try to repeat the title of the song. By repeating it, the listener will remember it and will easily search the song. You don’t have to do this all the time. There are good songs out there that don’t repeat the title or lyrics in the chorus. Do this if it will be a pop song or just a typical fun song.

For ex:

"In My Blood"

Shawn Mendes


It isn’t in my blood

It isn’t in my blood

Tip 5: Writing a Bridge

The bridge is the most important part because it is the main part of how the chorus will start again. You can tell a story—well every song has a story. Verses are different because it is like how the story starts. The bridge might say the outcome of the relationship. It can also be about realizing that you need that someone in your life. It can be about a breakup or going through a tough time. It is basically the middle explanation of the song, if you know what I mean.

For ex:

I can’t lie to myself anymore

I wish we could go back in track

I wish it didn’t happen

Cause all I am thinking about is you

All I want is you

All I need is you

Tip 6: It’s time to sing the song.

Yes, you are happy that you are already here at this stage. Singing the song can be hard to do. The thing is you need to make your own melody to start singing the song you wrote. It is easy to compose music if you play an instrument. For ex: piano, guitar, ukulele. You can easily make melodies on the piano. If you don’t play any instruments, just try to sing the song. If you have a melody in your mind, try to record it on your phone. We can easily forget sometimes, so just try to record it on your phone. Also try to write the melody by writing out music notes.

I hope you found this article helpful and I’ll talk to you guys next time!

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