Explore the Many Sides of Love with Ezra Vancil

New Album, ‘You’, Coming Spring 2018

Explore the Many Sides of Love with Ezra Vancil

Ezra Vancil has created an album of music that is a timeline of love, from hopes and failures to longing and love. His new album, You, which is slated for a spring release, is his “History of Love.”

This isn’t an album that’s all about love, though. But it is real. Vancil wrote the songs about his second marriage, which wasn’t always a smooth ride, according to info from his press release and website. You’ll hear the heartbreak in the songs as much as you hear the love.

Nonetheless, love or pain, this is a beautiful collection of music of which I was able to visit three of the songs. They are moving and telling. They are stories about people, about who we are as humans, about relationships from beginning to end.

I like that I could feel a connection with these songs, especially heading into my own second marriage. Vancil has a talent for writing songs that feel real.

The album has an Americana sound. It is a true collection of singer/songwriter music. These are real stories that will touch and torment your heart and soul.

“Complicated Man” starts with the story of a guy that has everything he wants, friends and money. But he sees a girl that piques his interest. She doesn’t know him, and she would never understand him. We all feel this way when we first start to get to know someone. We’re all complicated in some way.

I like the light feeling of this song, it gives it a tender vibe. There’s a point when some background vocals are added in and they give it kind of a choir feel, but it works.

“Wild Girl” has a Tom Petty influence to it. It’s a blend between some mellow Petty rock and relaxed storytelling. This song has a dark and dirty edge to it, talking about chains and dirty names. Makes sense, since “she’s a wild girl.”

Vancil has an excellent vocal range. Whether he’s sticking with a deeper gruff voice or hitting some of the higher notes, your ears remain pleased with what you’re hearing. He’s definitely in control of his voice and it makes these songs sound so beautiful.

“Settle Down Good” starts with some hand-jive sounding rhythm. This song really sounds like a nice down-home country song. It’s different than the other two. This one has some twang, it has a quicker beat perfect for dancing.

The lyrics to this one also have a country feel to them. Talking about booze, and other things common in country music songs. It’s a real toe-tapper. I preferred the other two songs to this one, however. I just felt they put their stories across better than this one.

Now that you know about the music, here’s a little more info about the artist.

Vancil is based out of Dallas, Texas. He’s traversed a plethora of musical genres. He’s recorded pop music and rock music, and he’s been part of the experimental music crowd. He adopted a more “mature” sound for You, getting back to the roots of Americana music.

His songs talk about love and loss, marriage and divorce, happiness and depression. They are songs that we can all relate to in some sense. We all go through these things when we’re in relationships, and out of them.

This album seriously gets personal. I could feel it even in these first three songs I was able to check out. You get a taste of what it’s like to be Vancil, to be someone that’s been through the trials of love and still willing to give it another go.

If you’re ready to fall in love with Vancil’s music, keep an eye on his website for information about this upcoming release.

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Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow
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