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My Self Introduction

Dynamic Beats

So as I introduce myself, feel free to embrace yourself for the most boring life story ever! Jk (lol) I’ll make it quick and maybe even a little fun. But I’ve always been asked how I got “into music”....

So boom! I’m born. A self proclaimed musical genius (HaHa). I’m alright...

Anyways... At 5 years old I was gifted the opportunity to take piano lessons. Now obviously at 5 I didn’t know it was a gift (lol). However, whether by force or by destiny, I attended. For 5 years at that! By the age of 10 or so, I didn’t really need lessons anymore, and minus it being fun, I was bored playing the same music over and over.

I soon after took a few guitar lessons. As I was highly interested in learning more. But I did have issues playing with sheet music and basically relied on tablature or just learning songs by ear. I had practice learning by ear with the piano since I still played from time to time. Anyways, a few of us started a punk rock band and we thought we were the coolest. If I recall, my brother was the drummer. Maybe we practiced once or twice. Maybe (lol). And since we were big fans of Less Than Jake.... and skateboarding was life... the bands name was “Not Quite Tony”.... Yea.. Take that in (lol). Tony Hawk if you couldn’t figure that out. Oh well (lol)..

Sometime later I picked up the trumpet. Not sure how that came about, but I had tried the flute for a month in middle school and that didnt work out, plus the piano and guitar were pretty mastered.... Few years into the trumpet, it hit me.... I need to be able to make my own music with all of the instruments and more.. So that journey came next.

Around 13/14 years old, I got a computer. Some friends in high school had suggested and always talked about FL Studio, or back then mainly known as Fruityloops (lol). Anyways, I downloaded that and realized that’s just a small part of what I would really need. So Christmas and birthdays were basically about gear. I practiced and mastered my art. Worked when I could.

Now I could drag this all out or skip ahead. But I produce music. I’ve lived and breathed music for almost 30 years. It has been my everything and my enemy even at times. Being a musician is something special. The talent and the ability to be so versatile is incredible. I have surprised myself and pushed myself further than I ever thought at times.

If anything, I’ve created for myself. But as far as #’s, I’ve created for millions. And that’s said with the most humble meaning as possible. Writing this has given me that “one day I’ll look back at this” moment. So again, I’ve pushed and again I’ve surprised. Myself. If you’ve made it this far, then dam (lol) Jk. Thank you. I appreciate and I am honored for your time. I’ll leave off with a super wise quote cause I can....

The greatest investment one could receive from someone, is their time.

Dynamic Beats
Dynamic Beats
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