Deb Montgomery Takes A Long Long Journey

Mellow music for your mind and soul.

Deb Montgomery Takes A Long Long Journey

Deb Montgomery is an acoustic singer/songwriter with a hauntingly beautiful voice. Her vocal stylings were enough to make me an instant fan from the very first track. She’s a Canadian currently residing in Seattle, where she writes beautiful music about vulnerability, grief, joy, and more. Anyone who has experienced both the good and bad in life will be able to relate to her lyrics. I loved the beautiful blend of her guitar, mixed with her raw vocals, and the tales her lyrics tell.

Long Long Journey, Montgomery’s new album, contains 16 songs that are sure to evoke all sorts of emotions in your as you listen. The title track starts the album out with a song about the journey of life. Fear is a beautiful song about the things that scare us. It brought me back to the past year and a half of my life and all the struggles I went through. The fact that this one could speak to my heart and soul made it one of my favorites on this album.

Hail To Helpless Things has my favorite melody of the entire album. “I’m sinking even though I know how to swim.” Sounds like my life. “Ugly stupid scars.” This is by far the best song on this album, in my opinion anyway. If you’ve ever struggled in life, please listen to this song. It’s hopeful and amazing.

Love Is Calling is an uplifting song and adds a little more energy to the album. Not enough to take it out of the mellow groove it began in, but enough to help lift your spirits and give you hope again. We Run slows things back down to a mellow beat that is dreamy and comforting. Love Rocks You is a great description of the way love makes people feel. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s shocking, it’s painful, it’s glorious, and so much more. This is a great song, and Montgomery shows off her vocal skills and guitar skills in this one spectacularly as well.

Fly Free almost sounds a little Sheryl Crow like to me, with a grittier edge. “I want you to love me, but where will I be?” We all want to find love, but still be able to be ourselves. We want to share our lives, but still have a life of our own. No one wants to be tied down. That’s what I took from this song.

Sun Goes Up kind of sounds like a lullaby to me. Short, but beautiful. Emily is a story worth listening to. When a song has a person's name for a title you know it is going to tell an interesting story, and this one does just that. Ask For Angels is the final track on this lengthy album that feels much shorter than it is. It’s a very peaceful sounding song, but a bit dark at moments.

I’ve skipped a song here and there in this review. With so many great songs on this album, I really think that you should check it out for yourself. Listen to all the songs or just the ones I didn’t mention in this review. Get a feel for the music that this talented musician is putting out there. Her stories are told through well-written lyrics and vocals, and the strumming of her guitar. It’s an amazing thing to listen to.

The music Montgomery does has been compared to many other talented musicians, from Natalie Merchant to Neil Young. These are great comparisons, and Montgomery is an excellent storyteller. The album is mellow and relaxing. It’s glorious in its ability to make you cry, to make you feel, to make you find hope again.

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Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow
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