D.G. Adams' "Vegas" Is a Song with a Cause


D.G. Adams' "Vegas" Is a Song with a Cause

“Vegas” is the newest song from a singer/songwriter that is no stranger to creating music that has a political activist side to it, D.G. Adams. He's written music on feminism and more. This newest song definitely isn’t a happy story or a happy tune. Terrorism is happening all over the place, and until better gun laws are put into place and more people with mental illnesses are able to get the help they need, unfortunately, terrible things like this will keep happening. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin, it has everything to do with the government and how we care for people that need help. (That’s all of my political rant input I am going to add to this review.)

Adams had been working on music since he was 15 years old. Hailing from Vancouver, he's done acting and made music. A creative soul and heart, he writes his own songs and lyrics, as any self-respecting singer should.

This acclaimed singer has a few albums out, only occasionally releasing an unattached single like this one. But this one was created for a good cause. You can help that cause by spending less than $1 on the digital copy of this tune on Amazon. It’s a song worth listening to, even if you’re not normally into the singer/songwriter genre of music. You may be surprised when you listen to it. It could make your heart warm or even bring tears to your eyes!

This song has its own story rooted in politics, terrorism, and life/death in general. Particularly, this is a song written about and for the victims and their families of the Las Vegas Massacre that happened in early October. Not only does this song talk about the money and gambling in Vegas, but it also delves into this great tragedy.

Before you even head to Amazon to snag a digital copy of this song (all proceeds go to the victims and their families), you can get a taste of the lyrics right here:

“Terror from the 32nd floor

Still don’t know what he was fighting for

But his automatic weapon left 60 people dead

Just can’t imagine the hatred in his head

Vegas strip where the lights shine bright

So many lights have gone out tonight

Vega strip where the money flows

Send some of that money to the orphans and the widows

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas

Where the lights shine bright

So many lights have gone out tonight

Terror has no colour or nationality

Guns have no conscience

That’s left up to you and me

How many more will fall dead in the street

Before the politicians

Stand up to the gun elite?”

Set to a slow, sometimes alt-country feeling, beat, this song is touching and sad. It’s an inspiring song, in the idea that it makes you think about what happened, why these things happen, and what you can be doing to help.

One of the things that I thought stood out the most about this song was the female harmonizing vocals. They rounded the song out, gave it a more haunting feel, and they just added a little something extra to it that makes you want to keep listening.

While all of the lyrics on this are strong, the lines that stood out to me the most were, “Vegas strip where the lights shine bright—So many lights have gone out tonight.” So heartbreaking. So emotional. So thought-provoking. Taken out of context it wouldn’t mean as much as it does within the lyrics of this song. It’s poetic.

Even if you give it a listen and you’re not a fan, buy this song. Your single contribution can make a difference.

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