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BTS wants you to 'Stay Gold'

by Sammi about a year ago in song reviews

The new single from BTS you should be listening to.

I’ve realized at this point in my life that BTS’s music will rarely disappoint me. Recently, BTS released a Japanese single, “Stay Gold”. I had high expectations for this one going in. Though BTS is a South Korean group, their Japanese originals are some of my favorite songs they’ve done. “Don’t Leave Me”, “Let Go”, and my personal favorite “Crystal Snow” are incredible tracks. Seeing that BTS has done another Japanese song feels like a treat during the stressful times we’re in right now.

I guess I can say that “Stay Gold” has arrived at the perfect point in my life. This is a song about finding happiness and positivity through love. It’s a common theme in a lot of BTS’s music. BTS is all about looking forward and persevering through dark times. It’s what’s made them so popular with millions worldwide. “Stay Gold” is literally a golden light in the darkness, and it feels like BTS has appeared when we need them most.

Lyrically, “Stay Gold” has multiple meanings of love, something BTS always pulls off flawlessly in their music. It’s a song that can be about romantic love, the love the group has for each other, or about the love for their fans. On paper, that can sound a little strange. BTS weaves words in a way that can make sense in both ways without sounding forced or awkward. The lyrics are comforting, like BTS is encouraging the “you” they’re singing to. They want to be beside this “you”, and assure them that they’ll always be right by their side. It’s all kind and soft, talking about holding hands, accepting each other for who they are, etc. I love the sweet innocence of this love song. It relates to what a sincere crush feels like. It also speaks to the ongoing metaphor BTS has with their fans.

BTS is all about walking with their fans, and saying they’re side by side with the millions who support them. It has a little bit of the same hopeful vibe as their recent song “We are Bulletproof: The Eternal”. You can hear the sweet tone in each pre-chorus and in the repetitive chorus. This kind of tone comes out in a lot of BTS’s most heartfelt songs, and it’s easy to recognize here. You can easily imagine BTS singing this song at a concert to a full stadium of fans with light sticks raised high. The lyrics are all about accepting each other and, “staying gold” when everything feels cold and lonely. These are familiar words of comfort and assurance from BTS to their fans, as any member of their countless ARMY can identify. It’s great to hear BTS continually create refreshing new music while still staying true to their emotional identity.

Another exciting part of “Stay Gold” is the wonderfully bright music video. In the video, the boys emerge from dark, hellish rooms, and slowly come together in charming, light scenes where they have fun together. You can see them genuinely enjoying their time together. It’s a treat to see them hang out with a golden retriever, or play catch while smiling and laughing. BTS is a group like many that have had ups and downs. From thinking about breaking up to wondering if they’d ever make it, all they had was each other and the fans. In these vibrant, colorful scenes, the music video shows the bits that makes BTS continue their journey, and continue to love their careers and companionship. Even in the darkest of times, they can find a golden light that brings them together. The joy is simply infectious to watch. It’s a great video whether you’re either a new fan of BTS, or if you’ve been walking with BTS for a few years. I’ve been here for years and this has suddenly become one of my favorite videos BTS has ever done.

Even if you’re not a BTS fan, or if you don’t listen to songs in other languages, “Stay Gold” is a great listen. It’s such a colorful song with a wonderfully positive sound. The piano is nothing short of delightful. The beat is consistently bouncy and sunny. Each member of BTS sounds so happy, and their voices lack the intensity of their darker songs. Overall, this is a refreshing song with a lot of heart to it. The positivity of this song is something desperately needed in this world. When you need a break from everything and want to listen to something lighthearted, BTS has arrived with the perfect single for you. Give yourself a moment to relax and give it a listen, because it can put a smile on anyone’s face, if only for three minutes.

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