Bob Marley—How Much Do You Know Him?

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King of Reggae—Bob Marley

Bob Marley—How Much Do You Know Him?

Bob Marley is a famous composer, an extraordinary musician, a legendary reggae singer. His fans love and know by heart all the fans of this musical direction. Marley became a kind of ancestor of this musical genre, and now, for many years after his death, he remains the most popular and famous performer in the world of such songs.

His image as a musician—men with long dreadlocks, always in a “rastaman” cap, with an unchanged broad smile on his face and with a guitar in his hands—became the personification of reggae as it is.

Bob Marley as a Child

Bob is from Jamaica. Born in the family of a hard-working European military man, who arrived from the mainland, and a young native inhabitant of the island. Little Marley barely saw Dad, because he was constantly on assignments and worked hard. Bob's father died when the child was 10 years old.

The boy studied at a regular local school, after its completion began working as a laborer. In adolescence, Bob joined the subculture of the Ore-battles, which focuses on aggressiveness and romanticizing crime. The external distinguishing features of such young people are necessarily a short haircut or shaved head, suit-fitting clothes that fit the figure.

Bob Marley in his Youth

The musical component of this movement was also available—the youth of this wave “broke off” at discos under ska (direction of Jamaican music). It is in this subculture and at this age that young Bob begins to try himself in music and tries to discover and develop his creative potential.


The first musical experiments Bob Marley put on his own, but they were not too successful. In his youth, he became a member of the musical group, with which he achieved the first recognition. His group “The Wailers,” created together with friends and like-minded people, has come a long way and has been transformed many times, changing the composition and positioning in the music arena, but eventually brought its creators first national and then world fame.

Bob Marley and “The Wailers”

Bob released singles and albums, first in the group, and then transformed it into his own author's project “Bob Marley and The Wailers.” Together they traveled throughout the United States of America, and then to the rest of the world (in Europe, Africa, Asia).

In the Eastern Europe, Marley became popular already at the end of his life—the songs of a freedom-loving unusual singer, who became the voice of a whole generation in his homeland, still went through the Iron Curtain and made an indelible impression on the inhabitants of this part of Europe.

Bob Marley on Stage

Creative Marley and his group is recognized among music critics — their albums and singles receive awards, and Marley repeatedly becomes the owner of the title “Best Singer.”

Marley's songs united a variety of people—both residents of disadvantaged areas of the cities of Jamaica, and the “golden youth.” Through his work, he gave people hope for the best, faith and forgiveness and all-encompassing love.

His cult song, “One Love” turned into an unapproved national anthem of the people of Jamaica, which equally and literally united politicians and groups that turned Jamaica into a battlefield for their interests during the time of Marley. He wrote this song after an attempt was made on himself—he was deliberately shot at.

Marley performed on stage and delighted his fans to himself until his death.


In the last years of his life, Bob suffered from a malignant disease — a tumor on the toe, which appeared as a result of an injury while playing the singer's favorite game — football. The composer refused to “disassemble himself into parts” and amputate the finger covered by the disease, because he, like a real Rastafarian, had to die “whole”. As a result of a long hard struggle with cancer, the singer lost his life. He dies right during the tour, and not having time to return to his homeland.

The last months of the singer's life were extremely difficult—the prescribed treatment had serious consequences in the form of hair loss and weakened immunity. The irony is that African-American leader Marley actually died from a disease that is characteristic of people with fair skin. Marley was susceptible to the disease due to the fact that his father was white-skinned.

Bob Marley's Love for Football

Football really held a special place in the heart of the singer. Bob's love for this sport was so huge that the clause on mandatory access to the football field and ball was at any time registered in his rider. And he was really good in this sport: playing at the position of a defender in the center of the field, he literally “stuck” the ball to his feet, no one and nothing could take the ball from Marley. He had many years of practice—love, even passion, for this sport. Marley's mad crave for football appeared in early childhood.

Bob Marley with Rita His Wife

All his life with Marley hand in hand was his wife Rita, who worked with Bob on the vocals at the beginning of his career. A very young still, Bob once met a girl on the street who was walking and singing with friends. Her talent and appearance attracted a 20 year old Bob, and he began to look after her. A whirlwind romance spun, young lovers decided to get married.

At the beginning of Bob’s career, the couple lived in love and harmony, but with the advent of incredible popularity, her husband became less and less at home and more and more often had occasional romance.

Bob Marley with His Wife and Children

Rita and Bob Marley had a big and close-knit family. The wife presented the singer with sons and daughters. All the children—and there are as many as four of them in the Marlee couple—are now somehow connected with music and other types of creativity. All in all, Marley has eleven children, not counting one adopted son.

Rita showed heroic features, often raising both her own children and Marley’s offspring with other women. According to Rita, at the beginning of the relationship, Bob was a caring and loving exemplary husband, but over time he began to cheat on his legitimate wife. In his defense, he said that he wanted many children and simply did not want to bother Rita with numerous pregnancies. By the way, Marley dedicated his most popular song “No Woman, No Cry” to his only legitimate wife. The woman admits that, although her relationship with Bob can be called normal with great difficulty, she forgave her ex-husband and keeps a most tender memory about him.

Numerous children of Marley pay tribute to the talent of his father, continuing his work. They perform, sing, create copyright music projects or engage in other creative professions. In other words, they all try to leave a mark on history and make this world a little better.

Children and Grandchildren of Bob Marley

Not so long ago, in one of the glossy magazines in the USA, a number appeared on the cover, which collected all the children and grandchildren of Marley in one frame. The picture has become very popular on social networks, it scattered across the expanses of the Internet. This was the meeting of the decade for the descendants of Marley.


There are a number of specific areas of life and common images that will forever be associated exclusively with Bob Marley. For example, it is in his name that millions of teenagers and students justify their desire to smoke light narcotic herbs. After all, Marley himself frankly admitted that he does this regularly. He could even afford to go on stage, holding a “jambo” in his lips.

Bob Marley

The invaluable role Bob Marley played in the spread of Rastafarianism. The followers of this faith snapped up his songs for quotations, and considered the singer the messenger of their true faith. The influence of Marley on the development of the philosophy of Pan-Africanism among a certain category of people be enormous. His contribution is incredible, he became the ambassador of this idea and really changed the course of history with his actions and creativity. For this, he was awarded several prizes and awards.

Bob Marley in Recent Years

Despite the fact that Marley died in the last century, his work and philosophy of life are gaining new and new fans so far. His photos are printed on things of the mass market and on things that are in the collections of the first lines of world fashion brands. Marley has many lovers in songs and in modern Hollywood there are singers. Rihanna and Beyonce, actress Eliza Taylor and many others.

Sayings of Bob Marley have become catch phrase and phrases, and his last words—that it is impossible to buy life for a coin—have become an aphorism.

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