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As of November 2018

'FXXK IT' Music Video

I want to start with a brief disclaimer. This is just my opinion and you may or may not agree with it, which is fine. My favorite BIGBANG member has changed a lot since 2015, when I started listening and learning more about K-pop. However, this list reflects on who my favorite member is at the moment. In part, the reason why I noticed them was because BuzzFeed made of video where the Try Guys reacted to K-pop. However, many other factors brought me to listen to BIGBANG and K-pop in general, which I list below.

5. Daesung

I know he is many least favorite member. He has great vocals and honestly he deserves more credits and recognition than he is given. I think he is at the bottom of my list because he hardly promotes or has any scandals revolving around him, so it is hard to focus a lot on him. Although, recently he has been in the center of the dating rumors since debut.

4. Taeyang

I must say that Taeyang was the first member of BIGBANG that I knew of. I follow this YouTuber who often used his solo songs for her videos. One day, I finally decided to look up the videos and well, I wasn't completely amazed. However, because I watched those music videos, a fan made video of "Boys Over Flowers" using Taeyang's song made me go back and play some of his videos. I later found out he was part of the groups BIGBANG. So I clicked to one of their videos and well... the rest is history. I also take this opportunity to congratulate him for his wedding.

3. Seungri

Since he is the only member that is not in the military, I have been able to see his personality a little bit more. In the interview where he mentioned he was happy that a lot of K-pop groups are starting to gain a lot popularity and momentum made me happy. Although he has been in the industry many years, he remains objective and realizes that the new generation is accomplishing many things, and that jealousy and fandom wars are pointless because all K-pop is making a name is different parts of the world. He also has a very funky personality.

2. T.O.P

OK, he has caused a little bit of controversy and as someone who is religious I was a little disappointed, but he is an adult and has the right to his own decisions. He is, however, a very talented rapper and artist as a whole. Anyway, he also caught my attention when he came out in 'Let's Not Fall in Love' music video. When I came to notice BIGBANG, they were celebrating their 10th anniversary.

1. G-Dragon

When I discovered 'Let's Not Fall in Love', G-Dragon caught my eyes because he had red hair and he made eye contact with the camera; a look that melt my heart. His rap in this song also made my heart flutter and his interaction with the actress in the music video was very genuine. He has also been involved in a lot of scandals, but as an artist he really stand out. I mean a lot of the new generation idol rappers aspire to one day be just as successful as him. His collaboration with IU was also very good, although I don't really listen to IU, her voice with his rap was a great combination. Since he is in the military, it is almost impossible to hear anything from him, but I am sure that great things await for him after his mandatory service.

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