A Medley of Guitar Covers to Brighten Your Day...

by Matt Loftus 2 years ago in instruments

Music can be an aide to relaxation, so I've compiled a few acoustic covers for that purpose.

A Medley of Guitar Covers to Brighten Your Day...

Having the day from hell? we've all been there, music can be an aide to relaxation so i've compiled a few of my Acoustic Covers for that purpose.

I know, i'm usually the "Horror Guy" on here as i'm passionate about the genre, but i play a little guitar to chill out while i'm writing, editing and just thinking up new stuff.

Without further ado, here's my latest cover:

Liked this song when i was growing up, but after i heard it recently in acoustic form i had to have a go myself.

Another emotional song about love, life and whatever, I really hope i'm not the only EDITORS fan on here :)

Love this song, tried to do a slower more raw cover, did I succeed? you tell me

Says it all, lovely tune and i love playing it, perhaps too much

Hope you enjoyed these as a change of pace, enjoy the rest of your day :)

Matt Loftus
Matt Loftus
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