6 Summer V A P O R W A V E albums to vibe out to...

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You definitely got to add these to your summer playlists.

Summer isn't over yet. Even though technically speaking the first day of fall is on September 22nd which is literally right around the corner doesn't mean you can't vibe to some Summer vaporwave tunes. I mean really its still 100 degrees in some areas.

Well before we proceed. I'm sure some of you are wondering what the heck is vaporwave, lol.

Vaporwave is a combination of a visual style, internet meme, mixed with sounds and music from 80's & 90's pop culture.

Windows 95 logos, Greek God Helios statue, distorted mall music, fuschia and blue color palette yeah that's that vaporwave aesthetic.

It's interesting how powerful the frequency of sounds can take you back down a memory lane of nostalgia from your childhood.

Around 2011 when Tumblr gained its popularity vaporwave started to make its mark in the underground music scene.

You can discover a whole discography of uploaded vaporwave albums and mixes on Youtube along with a visual looped gif image or a recording of a one hour long tv ad commercials you know those with the yellow font that would constantly come on in the middle of a SNICK at Nite marathon.

Oh yeah disclaimer time before we really proceed.

Disclaimer: Even though fuschia and blue aren't a part of my color palette it's still not going to stop me from listening to vaporwave.

Trackpoint Drift by Diskette Park

This album includes 30 tracks. I know that sounds like a lot but luckily a lot of these songs average around one minute and forty-five seconds. Trackpoint Drift gives off the vibe of when the electronica and r&b sound blended together in the 80's. Think the soul of Rich James blended with the eccentric vibe of Prince. While listening to Trackpoint Drift all I could picture was scenes from 80's classic films such as The Outsiders, The Breakfast Club, or even Ferris Bueller's Day Off featuring a lot of these sounds in their soundtrack.


Okay now S U M M E R of 89' clearly sounds like a summer vaporwave album. No pun intended. Seriously though. In my opinion I feel as though vaporwave is based off the transition of the style and culture from the late 80's to the early 90's. The album cover really caught my attention. Unlike the high energy of Trackpoint Drift which will remind you more of a vhs synthwave vibe, S U M M E R of 89' is more on a chill jazz vibe. Not so chill where I can call it elevator music but I don't know why I'm seeing a Folgers commercial using these tracks as their promotional melodies. Why are we drinking coffee in the summer time again? Let's leave that to fall, you guys. S U M M E R of 89' only has 9 tracks but it is well worth it especially on a 75 degree Sunday morning to view the sunrise at your local beach.

Palm Tree Resort by Midnight Survivor

Nothing screams synthwave to me more than this album. The energy is at it's all time high. If you are working on your summer body then listening to Palm Tree Resort will definitely have you running more than you expected to on a treadmill. It only features 4 tracks which is fairly short but if you are able to listen to it on loop then it is the perfect energy push for your next workout.

Summer Dreamsphere by マリファナを吸う(succmarijuano)

If I had to put Summer Dreamsphere in a subgenre of vaporwave it would be mallsoft. If a summer shopping sale in big department stores was a vaporwave album this would be it. My favorite genre of vaporwave is mallsoft by the way so this was a real enjoyable listen to me. I wish it had a few more than 9 tracks but I definitely will continue to have this album on repeat for my next summer shopping adventure.

Evening Forecast by Alternate Skies

Such a summer evening distorted weather channel vibe. Well of course we can only assume this is an album for the summer looking at the album cover showing a sun peaking out of the scattered thunderstorm graphic. This album has a good amount of tracks, 18 to be exact. This will definitely take you back to a time of checking the weekly forecast on Sunday to plan for your week ahead on your summer activities.

Miami Virtual by DMT​-​028

I don't why I thought Grand Theft Auto Vice City while looking at this album cover. Well actually I do know why I thought of gta. I mean look.... the MIAMI VICE font, the palm trees, the pink and blue color palette. Just looking at this outdated computer monitor is giving me serious nostalgia. Listening to this album definitely gave me North Point mall vibes. If you played Vice City you know exactly what i'm talking about. You can definitely hear the culture of 80's/90's mall shopping experience while listening to Miami Virtual. M A L L S O F T is my favorite genre of vaporwave so I can say this 9 track album definitely has been on repeat when I am doing any type of editing or creating.

You can definitely find some good vaporwave listens on Youtube and Soundcloud. Even a few playlists created by fans on Apple Music but the uploaded albums are limitless on Bandcamp. Bandcamp seems to be the main outlet for vaporwave artists to showcase their music.

Stay tuned for more album reviews!

Chynna Ken
Chynna Ken
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