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5 keys to understand The Weeknd's music

by Ninfa Bi 3 months ago in pop culture
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The Canadian musician is the owner of a complex musical style that fascinates the whole world

The Weeknd: showing off the aesthetics of his album After Hours

The Weeknd (32), whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, is considered the number one musician in the world due to the quality of his songs, the amount of sales achieved and the powerful influence he exerts on today's music. The Canadian singer has a complex style that is difficult to understand, which instead of being a disadvantage, is an attraction. The surprising thing is that he doesn't intentionally seek to be complex, but rather he naturally manifests that style naturally. Here are 5 keys to better interpret The Weeknd's music.

Disturbed minds: The Weeknd's favorite topic

1)Troubled minds

The human mind has infinite edges that make it incredibly complex and difficult to unveil. The Weeknd tries to reveal its mysteries through the lyrics of his songs. Many have noticed that the artist narrates experiences lived through harmful substances that generate extreme damage in the consumer and everything around him. The Weeknd often describes a mental experience and then describes the devastating effects of these illegal substances in the real world. The hit Can't feel my face is a good example of what his songs communicate.

The Weeknd makes his own interpretation of the oneiric world

2)Oneiric world interpretation

If you listen and watch The Weeknd's songs and videos carefully you will notice that he explores the dream world very often. A clear example of his creative work is the video and lyrics for the song Secrets. There the protagonist of the video is dating a guy but her ex-boyfriend is still present in her dreams. The key to understand the Canadian singer is to pay close attention to his work, because he is not satisfied with the physical reality, as he loves to experience other forms of reality.

The Weeknd sings about love failure

3)Love breakup

Love failure is one of the recurring themes that The Weeknd deals with in his songs. He doesn't talk about his love life to the press, but reveals many aspects of it through his songs. He had a high media exposure romance with Selena Gomez (29) in 2017, a stage in which she was the most followed celebrity on Instagram, so it was difficult to enjoy privacy as a couple. When the relationship ended, he dedicated to her, among other songs, Save your tears, and the female protagonist of the video is a girl just like her.

Selena Gomez: the girl with the prettiest face on Earth was his most famous girlfriend

4)Love Complexity

The Weeknd not only deals with the failure of love, but also delves into complex aspects that concern a couple. The singer has had important love relationships despite being only 32 years old, everything he learns from each bond he transmits in his songs so that his fans feel identified with the experiences he lived. The Canadian celebrity has not married so far and does not want to have children because he wants to consolidate his huge success in music. He is currently dating the beautiful Emirate DJ Simi Khadra (29). She is a successful fashion influencer and has business in common with his twin sister Haze.

Simi Khadra: the current beautiful Emirate girlfriend of The Weeknd

5) Metaphorical language

The Weeknd uses poetic devices in his creative work. He works with metaphorical language to communicate diverse ideas. A metaphor is a figure of speech through which an idea is expressed through a different reality, achieving a certain similarity between both concepts. This literary tool is the hallmark of the Canadian musician and the most difficult to understand, yet it has made him an insanely successful artist. Today, songs with empty lyrics and overly simple melodies predominate. The Weeknd breaks that structure and has made him stand out in music on an international level, to the point of becoming number one. The musician has a net worth of 200 million dollars, but it is estimated that he has a much higher figure. The Blinding Lights hitmaker achieves extraordinary earnings in social networks such as Youtube, although he has not been able to determine the exact amount.

Super Bowl HalfTime Show 2021: The Weeknd reaches career peak

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