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3 Reasons Why I Love Spotify Statistics

by John Marvin Scott about a year ago in playlist

And how it’s changed my listening experience forever

3 Reasons Why I Love Spotify Statistics
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As 2019 along with the decade of the 2010s comes to an end, everyone is posting about what they listened to this year on Spotify.

Maybe your top genre is lofi beats (like myself), or maybe you’ve been reliving the 80s with that Bee Gee groove. Regardless as to what exactly you listened to, there’s no doubt that Spotify has found a way to make listening to music unique and interesting, and I want to share my 5 reasons for being super into the statistics that Spotify offers.

1) It shows you who you really are

Some people might not find this the best reason, but I really enjoy this one. People grow and people change. Seeing your music tastes grow and change throughout the year really shows you the type of person you've become this year. Maybe you never thought you listened to a certain style, or that you embody a certain aesthetic. Spotify shows us who we naturally are in our musical world, and there's something beautiful in that. Music is a part of the natural world, and it is part of what makes us human. I think Spotify has really allowed us to see our true colors as people when it comes to our musical tastes, and I really like that.

2) It shows us what we don't listen to

This is something not everyone will notice. Although Spotify shows us our top genres, countries, artists and songs, it also shows us where our musical bubble ends. For me, it showed me that I really don't listen to a ton of country, pop music or anything in the rock world. Although thinking about what you don't listen to might not be your favorite thing in the world, for me it's huge. Since music is such an integral part of society, I think that it's important to take in all the music the world has to offer. Spotify's shown me that I could expand my horizons if all my genres are very similar (if I want to). That's the best part! It's all suggestion.

3) We can connect with artists from all over the world

This might be the best reason to love Spotify. When I loaded up my 2019 year on Spotify, I got to see all the difference countries the artists I listen to come from. How amazing is this? We finally get to listen to artists from all over the world! Good news for my fellow artists as well, having the entire world as your audience is truly incredible. Now we don't have to be local and then be international. We have the ability to create music in a space that's our own, while sharing it with everyone who wants to listen. I was amazed that I was listening to music from all over the world, and I can't wait to keep discovering music like this. This is the most hype thing that Spotify offers, without a doubt!

Now I’m sure you have your own reasons as to why you love Spotify (or hate it). Maybe you like the Daily Playlists that they offer. Maybe you’re into the fact that you get music and podcasts with one app. Who knows. What I can tell you is that Spotify is the future, and they offer something for everyone. Do you have other reasons as to why you like the stats Spotify offers? Let me know, because I’d love to know!

Until next time, keep on listening to music from all over the world, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings me (musically)!

Until next time,

John Marvin Scott

John Marvin Scott
John Marvin Scott
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