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How to Find Your Own Clothing Style
4 months ago
My mom picked my clothes out when I was a kid. I grew up wearing used and thrift store clothing. I was made fun of in school, especially when I was a teenager, for not having cool “mall” clothes. I ch...
Nine Must-Read Rules for Using the Ouija Board
4 months ago
When you purchase a William Fuld Talking Board, aka Ouija, you’ll find that it comes with rules. However, over the years, movies have shared with us more rules to follow when it comes to using this fo...
Six More Reasons Not to Play with a Ouija Board
4 months ago
A couple of years ago I blessed you with an article filled with Six Reasons Not to Play With a Ouija Board. I own a Ouija Board, and I am in no way against these divinatory objects. If you use a spiri...
Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution
5 months ago
If you are one of the many people that made a New Year’s resolution at the end of the previous year, by now, you may have already faltered. If you haven’t, that’s awesome. If you have already giving u...
Six Things to Help You Get Through These Dark Winter Days
5 months ago
Now that the holidays are over and the rush of family get-togethers has passed, you’re probably still feeling some anxiety and maybe even a little depression. During the winter months, it’s easy to ge...
You Can't Out-Exercise a Bad Diet
5 months ago
Weight loss begins and ends with burning more calories than you take in. This is the exact reason why your diet and your workout routine can work with or against one another. Eat too much or make poor...