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The Effect My Father’s Suicide Had
14 days ago
Let me start by saying this: I lost my father to suicide in 2014. We hadn’t spoken in just over a year when he took his life. I realise now that this may have been partly because of the mental illness...
Five Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home
16 days ago
The panic begins to set in. You've just lost your job and the only means of income you have. You have bills to pay and you can already feel yourself drowning in them. What are you going to do? I've be...
Why Your Diet Is Doomed
16 days ago
You started your diet on Monday, after putting it off a few weeks. For the first day it’s fine, you eat your salad, you go to the gym, perfect. Then you get up on Tuesday, you drive past McDonald’s an...
How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget
17 days ago
Sin City is a dream holiday for those of us in the UK. We see it in films like The Hangover and our curiosity is peaked. Is it every bit as amazing as they say? Are the lights really as bright? Honest...
Why I Gave My Cheating Husband a Second Chance
17 days ago
Something had been niggling at me for a while and it all came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday night. About a month before he had gotten himself a new phone, he had never really been that interes...
The Online Dating Scam You Should Be Aware Of
17 days ago
I have been paid to do some interesting things in my time, some of which I am not very proud of. This is one of those things. I was scrolling through a site looking at job advertisements. I couldn’t g...