• Vladislav
    Published 6 days ago
    The story of how a wolf saved a boy.

    The story of how a wolf saved a boy.

    This village, stands very close to the forest, to the left of the ravines behind them is a river, a very beautiful place. No wonder people chose this beauty when they settled here. This extraordinary story happened here in a small village of 50 houses. In this village lives a family, Semyon, his wife Maria and son Kolka. The son was only five years old when his father brought a puppy from the forest, an almost blind wolf cub. Although it was small at all, it was already biting and scratching, apparently the instincts were already working. So they grew together, Kolka and the wolf cub. As you don’t pass by their house, Kolka always plays with a wolf in the yard, trains him like a little dog, there was something for the kid to do, they called the wolf cub, “Fang”. Time passed and the wolf cub grew, a large strong wolf was now sitting on a chain. He was never allowed to run around the village as they did with dogs, dogs also did not bark at him for a long time, apparently accustomed to his presence. Kolka still continued to play and feed with him. Winter came, Kolka was in first grade with fives and fours. He also played with his wolf in his free time. And everything would be fine, only I began to hear howling wolves from the side of the forest at night. And once the fang disappeared. How he could get rid of, only God knows. Kolka warmed up, but life goes on, the father promised to bring the puppy a shepherd, it’s also good and the shepherd trained well. Two years have passed. Kolka was now training the "Count". He was now studying in the third grade, well, a little worse, troeches began to appear. That day, he sledded in the enemy, his father made excellent strong sledges for Kolka. Now Kolka could not roll everything, you could not drive home. It was already beginning to get dark and Kolka decided once again to go to the ravine and go home. He took the rope tied to the sled and already wanted to climb up from the ravine, as he noticed, like shadows flashed at the top of the ravine. Kolka took a closer look and saw several gray faces, these were wolves, real hungry wolves, they were waiting for him upstairs. Kolka was so scared that he could not move, he stood at the bottom of the ravine, not daring to rise. At the top, here and there, wolf-bared muzzle peeps out. It will soon darken and then the end, the wolves will surely wait for the darkness and they will not let it out now. When his parents are still enough. Kolka was trembling with fear and cold. Raw pants and coats now became icy and did not bend. And it’s not far from the village, he can scream, let someone hear, but Kolka did not dare to shout, did not want to annoy the wolves, suddenly they rush at him. The roar of one of the wolves was heard upstairs, Kolka looked and saw a huge wolf with a bared face, apparently it was the leader of the pack, the leader was ready to jump. It was visible from him that another second and he would jump from above onto Kolka. Kolka cried like never before, he felt so sorry for himself and his mother and father too, that he simply burst into tears. Kolka saw a huge wolf approaching him in great leaps, the boy closed his eyes in preparation for the worst, but nothing happened. Kolka opened his eyes and saw him, yes it was a fang. Fang! Kolka joyfully cried out my fang, above the wolves whined for impatience to try hot blood. Fang turned his face up and snarled, then raised his face to the sky and howled, now the leader began to go up, periodically looking at Kolka, as if telling him to follow me, do not be afraid, Kolka obediently climbed the wolf. The leader was the first to get out of the ravine and with an evil growl drove the three wolves to a safe distance. Kolka made his way through the snowdrifts towards the village under the scrutiny of the leader. Kolka safely returned home and told his parents everything. It would be better if he did not. Oh, and he got it from his parents.