Veronica Gonzalez

Freelancer in writing, blogging, and tutoring. And I also self-publish with Barnes and Noble.

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Marketing Is Your Best Friend
3 days ago
As I put together my business cards (custom-made from Shutterfly—I ought to make a note about having my cards glossy in the future, instead of matte), it reminded me of how I came to actually thinking...
8 days ago
Whenever I show off my self-published book (either with a physical contributor's copy, or by showing a screenshot of the book on sale through Barnes and Noble), people will tell me how great the book ...
LarryBoy Fanatic
9 days ago
I never thought I would dedicate a YouTube channel to my favorite superhero. But... it happened.
Writing Is NOT Your Meal Ticket
9 days ago
What happens when you pursue a degree in Writing (or anything similar in the field of English)? And what happens after you finally get that degree? After spending countless hours writing essays, cling...
A Hand Puppet Named Serena
9 days ago
I would watch kids' shows all the time in my youth. There would be times when I would watch a show and say "Hey! I want to be like them!" One of the shows I had came across was "Oobi," a show about ha...