Verona Jones

Verona is an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. Where with help of her three furry critics, Verona writes stories that scare her readers under the covers. 

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Haunted Vacation at Solomons Island
20 days ago
I love anything paranormal as well as haunted sites... from a distance. It is totally different when you are the one involved in the haunting. I grew up seeing spirits and over the years I have become...
Is Seattle’s Historic Moore Hotel Haunted?
a month ago
The date is June 2019, and the event is a family reunion. My sister, Tracy, and I flew into SEA-TAC (Seattle-Tacoma International) to give our dad a heart-attack (just kidding) on father's day. Unbekn...
She Dances for Him
5 months ago
Standing in the center of the room, folded on to herself like a flower, she waits for the first strum of music. Uncurling her hands up to the air like petals of a rose, each unfurling to love’s sympho...
Easter or Eostre
5 months ago
Most Christians have grown up reading the new testament and the story of how Jesus was crucified and then on the third day, he rose again. His uncle Joseph of Arimathea buried his body in a tomb at “C...
Mercury Is Retrograde—Oh No!
5 months ago
Every one at one time or the other has heard that Mercury going retrograde is a harbinger of bad things or bad luck. People tend to freak out when they hear the news. The thing is that Mercury going r...
Coffee vs. Chocolate
6 months ago
I love coffee almost as much as I love chocolate. Now, I drink about two cups of coffee a day, whereas chocolate is more of holiday thing. I buy chocolate for Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, and Chris...